Frequently Asked Questions

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Why are there no business names for the service reviews on WisePrice?

The goal of WisePrice is to help consumers make informed decisions about how much they should pay for the services they need. By allowing business and individual names to be posted, we are enabling many possible abuses. Unscrupulous businesses could make positive posts to gain free advertising, or they could sabotage their competition with fictitious negative posts. In order to assure that there is no advantage to being dishonest in a WisePrice post, we have decided not to allow business or personal names. This way, you know that the information you are reading is from a real consumer, just like you, who doesn't want others to get ripped off.

If you have a serious consumer complaint, we strongly recommend contacting the Better Business Bureau.

Can anyone post their experiences?

Yes. Absolutely anyone who has registered with a username, password, and email address can contribute their experiences to WisePrice. All contributions will be posted immediately, but they are subject to a content review by a WisePrice moderator.

What information should be included in my post?

Although each category requires specific and sometimes unique information, there are some general guidelines that we recommend for sharing your consumer experiences on WisePrice.

First, please answer all fiil-in-the-blank questions honestly and accurately.

As a general rule of thumb, the more details you include, the more useful your post will be. That is so important, we'll say it twice: It's better to have too many details than too few!

Description of Service: This is your opportunity to tell us exactly what services you paid for. This part of your description should be fairly straightforward, since your opinions will go in the Review of Service section. Please be specific so that the price comparison is accurate and helpful.

Review of Service: Please use this space to tell us about your customer service experience. Were they helpful? Did you feel that it was a good value?

Tips: In this section, we ask that you share the wisdom of your experience. What information would help others in a similar situation? What do you wish you had known ahead of time? Any tips, advice, or insight will be much appreciated by all WisePrice users!

For more information about writing posts for WisePrice, please visit our Writing Guide, to read advice and an example post written by a WisePrice administrator.

Do I need to register to use WisePrice?

Many WisePrice features are available to all of our readers, whether they are registered or not. Anyone may search, read, or bookmark WisePrice content.

Posting original content, sending email, giving user ratings, or flagging a post as inappropriate are all functions reserved for WisePrice registered users.

Why do I need to become a registered user in order to make posts?

While there are many things on WisePrice that are available to all users, there are some privilages that come with registering. Only registered users are allowed to send email from WisePrice, post their own stories, rate others' posts, or flag inappropriate content. We have done this because it is a simple way to discourage fraud and abuse by unscrupulous individuals, while maintaining the privacy of our honest users.

Be assured that WisePrice will never provide your email information to a third party. Feel free to review our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions if you have more questions.

Why are my posts reviewed by a moderator?

Although user posts are automatically posted to WisePrice, they are also reviewed by a moderator. The moderator review exists for several reasons.

First, we want to provide our users with information that is accurate and complete. Moderators may request additional information or clarification from the author of a post.

Also, our moderators are experienced, knowledgeable individuals who are well-equipped to determine the value or quality of a new post. The moderators use our five star rating system to provide our users with a simple way of finding the highest quality information on WisePrice.

Finally, we want to ensure that every post on WisePrice is relevant and respectful. This review process gives us an opportunity to remove content that may be irrelevant to the mission of WisePrice.

Can I edit one of my posts?

All posts are available for editing by the user for up to thirty minutes after it has been submitted. Simply log in, go to the new post you'd like to edit, and click on the yellow "edit this post" button on the bottom right of the screen. You make make any changes to the text that you like, then use the yellow buttons to save or discard the changes you made.

If more than thirty minutes has passed, and you'd like to edit one of your posts, please contact a WisePrice moderator, who can give you access to edit older posts.

If you have received an email from a WisePrice moderator asking you to edit a post that you have submitted, please read "Why have I been asked to edit my post?"

Why have I been asked to edit my post?

There are several reasons why a WisePrice moderator may have asked you to edit a post. More likely than not, it is because they felt that your post would be more useful with the addition of details and descriptions about your experience.

Other reasons you may be asked to edit your post are to clarify some ambiguous language, remove the names of service providers, or tone down the complaining.

Please read the email from the moderator carefully, as it will give you specific details for the type of editing that they are requesting, as well as the time period that you will have access to make the requested changes.

In addition, feel free to reference "What information should be included in my post?", or the tips and examples in the WisePrice Writing Guide for more guidance in this area.

Why can't I see how my post is rated?

Although each post can be rated by WisePrice moderators and registered users, we have chosen to hide the results of those ratings from view. We have done this primarily because we want our users to focus on the content and information provided on our site, rather than the rating of the posts.

You will always be able to discern the relative rating of a post based on its position on the category page. The interface allows you to sort by date, location, and price, but each category automatically lists posts with the highest rated content at the top of the list.

How do I make a post in a category that's not listed?

There are many categories that are not currently listed on WisePrice. Possible reasons for that include:

  • It is a product, not a service and not part of what we do.
  • It is a specific area where we have only a general category.
  • We didn't think of it.

If your new category is either of the last two points, then feel free to send us an email to request your new category.

As WisePrice grows, moderators will always be creating more categories and moving user posts to more specific categories.

Why did the moderator take out the name of the business?

WisePrice is a resource for consumers to compare the cost of services rendered. By allowing business and individual names to be posted, we are enabling many possible abuses. Unscrupulous businesses could make positive posts to gain free advertising, or they could sabotage their competition with fictitious negative posts. In order to avoid these abuses, we have chosen not to allow the names of service providers to be posted on WisePrice.

If you have a serious consumer complaint, we strongly recommend contacting the Better Business Bureau.

Why was my post removed?

If your post was removed, it probably has one of two problems.

1. The content of your post was completely inappropriate to the mission of WisePrice.

2. A moderator asked you to expand/improve your post, and this was not done.

Please feel free to contact a WisePrice moderator if you have questions.

What if I forget my password or username?

You may request that a lost or forgotten password be sent to the email address that you are registered with.

If you have forgotten your username, send an email with your password (if you remember it) from the email address that you used to register at WisePrice. One of our moderators will research your user account, and get back to you within a couple of business days.

Can I use html tags in my post?

No. Html tags can be added by WisePrice moderators, but in order preserve continuity and maximize the usefulness of user posts, any html in a user's post will be read as text.