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the Price of Dry Cleaning Comforters and Quilts

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$ 38
Mar 2008
Chicago, IL
Quilt, 2 piece woman's suit, blouse, scarf
Double check to make sure it's clean  more... close row
$ 25
Dec 2007
Tampa. FL
Queen-size quilt
Quilt looks much fluffier now  more... close row
$ 400
Feb 2006
Indianpolis, IN
4 heirloom quilts
Restoration cleaning for antique quilts after fire  more... close row
$ 25
Feb 2008
Brighton, MI
large quilt
Dry cleaning of large quilt with loose lace  more... close row
$ 45
Apr 2008
Forks, WA
Antique quilt cleaned and wrapped for storage  more... close row
$ 35
Jun 2008
Chicago, Illinois
Down comforter
Smoking made quilt smell terrible  more... close row
$ 19
Oct 2007
Cleveland, Ohio
One King Size Goose Down Bed Comforter
Delicate and expensive down comfortor  more... close row
$ 30
Jan 2008
Phoenix, AZ
king sized down comforter
Free pickup and delivery, expensive cleaning  more... close row
$ 26
Jan 2008
Rincon, GA
King Size Comforter
Regular cleaning of king sized comfortor  more... close row
$ 0
Oct 2010
City, State
AfPSYS <a href="http://lshqzbmbktrt.com/">lshqzbmbktrt</a&g  more... close row
$ 20
May 2008
Los Angeles, California
2 quilts, three comforters
Dry cleaning of two quilts and three comforters  more... close row
$ 35
Jan 2008
San Diego, CA
California King Comforter
Poor service for comforter with mildew  more... close row

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