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the Price of Tree Trimming

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$ 45
Apr 2008
Austin, Texas
Family owned and operated tree trimming service  more... close row
$ 100
Mar 2008
Phoenix, AZ
Hand pruning of two palm trees   more... close row
$ 90
Sep 2007
Anniston, Alabama
Very professional tree trimming service  more... close row
$ 400
Aug 2008
Fredericksburg, VA
Two large trees trimmed for first time in a long time  more... close row
$ 250
Mar 2008
Chicago, IL
Tree trimming and branch disposal  more... close row
$ 300
May 2008
Brighton, CO
Tree and shrub trimming after a storm  more... close row
$ 350
Mar 2007
Ann Arbor, MI
Bushes trimmed down below windows again  more... close row
$ 500
Jun 2007
Memphis, Tennessee
Tree trimming for two large oak trees  more... close row
$ 575
Jun 2007
Forks, WA
Tree trimmers did not clean up after themselves  more... close row
$ 250
May 2008
Tree trimming for very high trees  more... close row

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