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the Cost of Graduate School Tuition

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$ 42000
Aug 2007
Boston, MA
Large University
Social Sciences
Price of tuition before fellowships and scholarshilps  more... close row
$ 20000
Sep 2007
Tampa Bay, FL
Graduate, Public
Bio Chemistry
Lab job helps with grad school tuition  more... close row
$ 256
Jun 2006
Menlo Park, CA
Graduate School
masters in theology
Cost per unit of graduate theological program  more... close row
$ 358
May 2007
Saint Leo, Florida
Private University
Master of Education
Price per semester hour  more... close row
$ 7890
Jan 2008
Doctor of Chiropractic
One trimester of tuition at chiropractic school  more... close row
$ 17500
Dec 2007
Seattle, WA
Graduate school - 3 semesters
Master of Anthropolgy
Three semesters of a masters program in anthropology  more... close row
$ 2976
May 2008
Conway, AR
public state run university
Master of Art in English
12 units of graduate level courses  more... close row
$ 52800
Jan 2006
Troy, NY
semesterly tuition
Masters of Science
Most people don't pay graduate school tuition  more... close row
$ 1760
Jun 2006
Columbia, Missouri
traditional University Master's level coursework
Master's of Education
Price for tuition for two classes  more... close row
$ 20000
Mar 2007
online graduate
2000 per course for graduate courses  more... close row

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