About Us

Suggestion (duplicates text from content): The true power of WisePrice is in its users — The more users post their experiences, the more valuable a resource it becomes!

WisePrice is the result of a lifelong pattern of frugality, a bad experience, a good idea, and a few dedicated individuals.

Our goal is to create a resource that allows consumers to educate themselves about reasonable prices for services provided, and to create a place where every consumer can contribute to their own experiences to the benefit of others.

The true power of WisePrice is in its users — The more users post their experiences, the more valuable a resource it becomes!

Denis started WisePrice in 2007 because of a bad experience with a service professional. After launching wiseGEEK in 2003, he has continually sought ways to use the internet as a tool to provide meaningful content and interaction for its users.

Everyone has had an experience where they feel they have been ripped off, and the inspiration for WisePrice came to Denis in one such situation. In his own words, "Plumbers, doctors, and other service providers do valuable work, and they deserve to be compensated for their services. On the other hand, they should not be allowed to charge astronomical fees to their unknowing clients."

Denis graduated with a philosophy degree from UC Berkeley and has been closely involved with the internet since 1995. In his spare time, Denis enjoys hiking, foreign travel, classical piano, fine woodworking, philosophy, and elegant design.

Sergey is the technical side of the WisePrice operation, and is responsible for making and keeping whole site working as it does now. He has a Master's Degree in computer science, with special skills in telecommunication and web programming, as well as linux administration.

"I am always imaging how things work — I think about it for anything around me. Developing WisePrice from a scratch brought me a lot of interesting problems and solutions."

When he is away from his computer, Sergey likes to spend time cycling around the city, watching SciFi movies, and enjoying sightseeing.

Lindsay is the business manager for WisePrice. Also a wiseGEEK alumna, she has become passionate about using the internet to build community and awareness. In addition to her work maintaining and growing wiseGEEK, Lindsay has become pretty well acquainted with the power of the internet and its enormous usefulness to change the balance of power for consumers.

Lindsay has a BA and Teaching Credential from UC Berkeley, along with 90% of a Master's Degree in Policy Studies in Cross-Cultural Education from SDSU. Like other refugees from the teaching profession, she is both stress-free and guilt-ridden in her new career. In her free time, Lindsay enjoys knitting, reading, general geekery, and seeing the world, whether from a car, bicycle, plane, on foot, or by boat.