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the Price of Health Insurance from a PPO

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$ 30
Apr 2008
Phoenix, AZ
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$ 320
Mar 2008
Denver, CO
Independent health care with copay  more... close row

Description of service

Independent health care for one adult (in good health) and one child. This plan has a large network of providers to chose from but the deductible is high ($5000). This plan has the option to choose a $35 copay for office visits which costs a little more. Maternity coverage is included but you have to choose a deductible level for this as well. This price is for a $5000 maternity deductible.

Review of Service

My employer doesn't provide health insurance so I've done plenty of research on the various options in the Denver area over the years. It is next to impossible to find independent health insurance that covers maternity costs. The best thing about this insurance company is the ability to adjust your deductible levels, coinsurance percentages, copay options, lifetime maximums, etc. to get the monthly payment you can afford. Unlike other insurance plans where you have three levels of coverage to chose from (if you're even that lucky) this one is fully customizable which makes it affordable. What is also amazing about this plan is that it has a HUGE list of providers (doctors, hospitals, specialists, etc) to chose from. Many HMOs give you a small list but this one is fantastic with high quality doctors and facilities. I can chose doctors close to my home or office with complete flexibility. Although my deductibles are high at least I have the peace of mind of being covered.


Get some quotes from health insurance agents in your area. Most have several insurance companies that you've never heard of that can offer you different options. Many give you an option to create a quote online so you don't have to deal with an agent.

Be prepared to spend more for maternity coverage and your choices of insurance companies will be limited.

Deductibles are the amount of money you'll have to pay out of your own pocket before your coverage kicks in. Almost all independent health insurance companies these days have deductibles in their plans. The lower your deductible the higher your monthly premium will be.

I like copays. With copays you pay a set fee (mine is $35) for doctor visits. Your monthly premium is higher but it covers most of the charges that happen during your office visit that you would normally have to pay for until you've met your deductible.

$ 108
Apr 2008
Belingham, WA
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$ 254
Jan 2008
Randolph, VA
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$ 600
Mar 2008
New York, NY
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$ 72
Jan 2008
Kennebunkport, ME
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$ 495
Mar 2008
Garland, TX
PPO plan for one adult and three children  more... close row
$ 5
Apr 2008
Philadelphia, PA
Five dollar copay makes appointments affordable  more... close row
$ 485
Feb 2008
Health coverage through the university  more... close row
$ 216
Nov 2007
Van Wert, Ohio
Health insurance mandated by court  more... close row
$ 104
Mar 2007
Mount Pleasant, MI
While I was working I was having $27.00 every week  more... close row
$ 400
Jan 2008
Lake, MI
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$ 100
Mar 2008
Ida Grove, Iowa
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