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the Price of a Taxi Ride to the Airport

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$ 45
Mar 2008
New York, NY
25 minutes, 20 miles
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$ 45
Dec 2007
Seattle, WA
About 20 miles, 25 minutes
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$ 20
Jan 2008
Phoenix, AZ
15 minutes 12 miles
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$ 55
Jan 2008
Tucson, AZ
45 minutes; 30 miles
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$ 37
Mar 2008
Honolulu, Hi
15 minutes, about 10 miles
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$ 35
Feb 2008
New York, NY
30 minutes, 15 miles
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$ 46
Mar 2008
Chicago, IL
50 minutes, 22 miles
Downtown Chicago to O'Hare Airport in afternoon traffic  more... close row
$ 40
Sep 2006
New York, NY
25 min - 8 miles
La Guardia to Manhattan in a round about way  more... close row
$ 65
Jul 2007
Pelham, NY
35 minutes, 11 Miles
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Description of service

Last summer, I decided to take a taxi service from my place in Westchester to La Guardia Airport for a special trip to the Caribbean. The price quoted to me was $65.00 which only covers the car, gas and driver. It did not include tolls (around $6) and tip for the driver (I gave him $10).

Review of Service

I’ve taken many cab services before, even when I used to live in Queens, so my expectations are not very high. The car was black, nondescript and old. The wear and tear is more obvious when I get in and see the worn upholstery, reeking of cigarette smoke and littered with overlooked trash from previous occupants. I was relieved to find that I am able to open the rear windows all the way down, so that I could have some fresh air. As expected, the driver was on the phone the whole 35 minutes of the ride. I am just happy that he is using earphones. Thankfully, he did not feel like turning on the radio. The ride was uneventful and the driver was reasonably careful and courteous enough to help me with my luggage. I think the price I paid was commensurate to the service and mileage, given that I live further than Manhattan, although I would have appreciated a newer, neater vehicle. I may have even tipped more for it!


I usually only take taxi or car services when I am travelling with a friend or two, so we can divide the cost among ourselves. When I am by myself, with not much luggage, I usually opt for the Airport Shuttle bus leaving from the city and charges about $12 one-way.

$ 0
Oct 2010
City, State
NykOqQ <a href="http://lkgsjcufoael.com/">lkgsjcufoael</a&g  more... close row
$ 38
May 2007
Sacramento, CA
20 minutes, 13 miles
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$ 54
Sep 2007
Denver, CO
40 minutes, 26 miles
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$ 45
Jan 2008
30 miles, 25 minutes
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$ 45
Mar 2008
Manhattan, NY
45-90 minutes
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