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the Price of Satellite Cable TV

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$ 40
Aug 2006
Tampa, Florida
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$ 60
May 2008
Austin, Texas
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$ 75
Oct 2007
Lakeside, Montana
Satellite TV with a 24 month contract  more... close row
$ 68
Feb 2008
Dallas, TX
Satellite cable with connections to two TVs  more... close row
$ 89
Feb 2006
Las Vegas, NV
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$ 45
Apr 2008
Rochester, New York
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$ 60
Sep 2008
Acton, Maine
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Description of service

It costs about 60 dollars a month for the satellite dish, three receivers, three remotes, premium service and one movie channel package.

Review of Service

This satellite television service has been exceptional. There has been minimal loss of services since we've gotten satellite tv back in September of 2007. Upgrading a package is simple and instantaneous. The remote is very user friendly and instructions are easily understood. The only drawback is commercials seem to be louder than the programs. Movie pay per views are easily ordered and can be paused if needed. Customer service has been wonderful and have answered all questions we have asked.


Ask about any specials you can sign up for. Usually they can give you some of the movie channels free for 3 months. Make sure you have some clear areas. The dish needs to be able to hit the satellites on the horizon. Insist on the next tier up from the basic package. The basic package is not worth the price. One movie package is much better than the other three. Make sure you look at all of them and pick the best one. If you can afford it, get all of the movie packages, that's the best bang for your buck.

$ 30
Jun 2007
San Jose, CA
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$ 80
Apr 2008
Mobile, Al
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$ 99
Sep 2007
Uniontown, OH
Didn't really like having satellite TV service  more... close row