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the Price of Satellite Cable TV

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$ 40
Aug 2006
Tampa, Florida
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$ 60
May 2008
Austin, Texas
Basic cable from satellite  more... close row

Description of service

Satellite cable television service which costs $59.99 monthly. All fees are included in this cost; no extra taxes, fees, etc.

Review of Service

I have satellite cable television service and love it. My plan includes the basic channels plus, so I have about 150 channels to chose from. My plan does not include any movie channels, but my family is not interested in that because we have such a wonderful variety of channels to chose from in our plan. We also have full customer support, and any time I have had a problem, a customer support representative is available via phone or live chat to assist me. I have not had to ask for any service calls after installation, and I see that as a plus, too. The $59.99 includes everything, and is a direct draft from my checking account at the end of each month. I love the auto pay option, because it is convenient for me. We also have PayPerView, so if we are interested in movies, we have the option of purchasing a movie to watch. My service is only questionable during rain storms, and being that this is Central Texas, it happens from time to time that a storm will roll through and we have no access during the heavy rain.


Be careful that the provider you contact for service is reliable and trustworthy. I have had four different providers in 20 years, and have finally found one that is excellent. I also learned along the way what questions to ask: customer support, online access, auto pay, monthly fees - what does that include, refunds, guarantees.

$ 75
Oct 2007
Lakeside, Montana
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$ 68
Feb 2008
Dallas, TX
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$ 89
Feb 2006
Las Vegas, NV
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$ 45
Apr 2008
Rochester, New York
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$ 60
Sep 2008
Acton, Maine
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$ 30
Jun 2007
San Jose, CA
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$ 80
Apr 2008
Mobile, Al
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$ 99
Sep 2007
Uniontown, OH
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