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the Cost of Water and Sewer Service

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$ 62
Apr 2008
Amarillo, TX
City Water and Sewage service  more... close row
$ 59
Mar 2008
Rainbow City, AL
Not wasting water helps utility bills  more... close row
$ 25
May 2008
Hurricane, WV
Monthly bill for water and sewage for parents  more... close row
$ 177
Apr 2008
Monroe, Wisconsin
Three months of water and sewage  more... close row
$ 102
Apr 2008
Ashburn, VA
Water and sewer easiest of all utilities  more... close row
$ 35
Apr 2008
Columbus, Oh
A monopoly on water and sewer service  more... close row
$ 90
Apr 2008
Boston, MA
Monthly bill for three condo units  more... close row

Description of service

We have a three unit condo building. The water and sewer bill is paid for the entire building. This included the water delivery and sewer usage. Two of the three units have their own clothing washer and all have dishwashers. Bills are received on a thirty day cycle. Only six people live in this building.

Review of Service

We have had no problems or issues with our water service. The price has been fairly constant as well - only varying with our usage. Our monthly cost fluctuates between about eight and one hundred dollars per month. We have never had any reason to contact the water company about any issues so I cannot comment on their customer service. The best water company is one you don't have to think about at all.


Want to know where your water is going? Check and see if your company offers an online monitoring service. The Boston Water and Sewer Commission does. You can go online and see how much water was used on any given day. This comes in handy if you are wondering why your bill is high. For example, you can go and see that on a certain day the usage was way more than any other - and this day was the day the plumber came and flushed the heating system.

$ 190
Mar 2008
Faribault, MN
The price of our water bill has just incresed.   more... close row
$ 122
Apr 2008
Bellmawr, NJ
Price per two months of water and sewer service  more... close row