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the Price of Organic Produce Delivery

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$ 45
Dec 2007
Memphis, Tennessee
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$ 40
Sep 2007
Seattle, WA
Weekly organic produce delivery  more... close row

Description of service

We had weekly produce delivery at our house for about six weeks.

On Friday, we would receive a plastic bin with several pounds of produce delivered to our front porch. Each week, they would remove the empty bin and replace it with a full one.

The cost was $40 per week.

I don't remember if there was a set amount, but I would estimate it to be around 10-20 pounds per week of both fruits and vegetables.

Review of Service

We initially signed up for this service because the local farmer's market had closed for the winter and we wanted to continue to support locally grown and organic produce.

The bins arrived like clockwork, and the customer service was always friendly.

We found the produce to be of good quality, though not great. Leafy veggies weren't as fresh as we had gotten used to with the farmer's market, and some of the produce was local, but much of it was not.

We ended up canceling the service, primarily because there was just too much produce for two people to eat in a week. This particular company only has one size of box, and customers don't have any control over what comes in it, though the contents are listed ahead of time on their website.

When we called to cancel, somehow the message didn't get through, and they continued to deliver bins for two more weeks. It took a few phone calls, but we didn't pay for either of them and the deliveries eventually stopped.


In most large cities, especially liberal-minded ones, there are lots of options for this type of service. Shop around and get recommendations from friends, if you can.

If not, don't be afraid to cancel a service that is not fitting your needs.

$ 50
Mar 2007
San Diego, CA
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$ 80
Apr 2008
Portland, Or.
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$ 26
May 2008
Pipersville, PA
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$ 38
Apr 2008
Bellingham, WA
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$ 50
May 2008
Chicago, Illinois
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$ 15
May 2008
Los Angeles, California
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$ 5
May 2008
San Antonio, TX
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$ 60
Dec 2007
West Palm Beach, FL
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$ 240
Jun 2008
Portland, Or.
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$ 15
May 2008
Key Biscayne, FL
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$ 27
Jun 2008
phoenix, arizona
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$ 820
Feb 2008
New Edinburg, AR
Produce and pickup for 8 month period  more... close row