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$ 239
Mar 2008
Woodside, NY
High costs for mediocre services  more... close row
$ 57
Mar 2008
Fall River, MA
Internet and cable cheaper together  more... close row
$ 176
Mar 2008
Brooklyn, NY
High speed internet, cable, dvr and home phone  more... close row
$ 163
Apr 2008
Bronx.New york
Three services from one provider  more... close row

Description of service

This is by far the best service I have tried. I have 3 services in 1 bill. I have cable television, computer internet and phone service. I have unlimited calling on my phone.

Review of Service

The service is excellent. I am receive one bill for all three services. I can speak to a representative 24 hours a day (including customer repair). I never see a change in my bill. I have the option of switching up my plan at any time. When I have a problem with my cable reception, the representative will troubleshoot with me over the phone to fix the problem. I usually can have the problem fixed right away. If not, a technician comes out on the next day. I have never experience any problems.


When looking for a cable service provider it best to check around you should always search for the most reasonable service provider. You also need to check for a plan that is flexible. Can you change programs that you no longer want. Is your service fully covered for a repair technician to visit if a problem arises. Is the service representatives available to speak to you in case of a problem (to troubleshoot and fix the problem). All of these concerns are very important.

$ 135
Jan 2008
Pennsauken, NJ
HD Cable bundle  more... close row
$ 175
Aug 2007
New Baltimore, Michigan
Information package bundle  more... close row
$ 120
Mar 2008
Rapid City, SD
HD Cable with DVR and internet  more... close row
$ 95
Aug 2007
Garland, TX
Cable, internet and phone package  more... close row
$ 107
Jun 2008
Albany OR.
Digital Cable package with Phone, Cable and Internet  more... close row
$ 50
Aug 2007
Phoenix, AZ
Internet and cable bundle  more... close row
$ 136
Jan 2007
Bellmawr, NJ
Had to wait for installation  more... close row
$ 126
Apr 2008
Alexandria, VA
Information services plus HD add-on  more... close row