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$ 239
Mar 2008
Woodside, NY
High costs for mediocre services  more... close row
$ 57
Mar 2008
Fall River, MA
Internet and cable cheaper together  more... close row
$ 95
Aug 2007
Garland, TX
Cable, internet and phone package  more... close row
$ 176
Mar 2008
Brooklyn, NY
High speed internet, cable, dvr and home phone  more... close row
$ 163
Apr 2008
Bronx.New york
Three services from one provider  more... close row
$ 135
Jan 2008
Pennsauken, NJ
HD Cable bundle  more... close row

Description of service

Well I pay for cable television with High Definition, Cable Internet and Cable phone along with a DVDr with unlimited space and Pay-Per-View features.

Review of Service

I experience semi quality. When there is a problem with the service, they're quick with an answer and always have it solved in a timely manner. Like one time the internet went down. Once I called and got through the company knew where the glitch was and had people on the scene to repair and correct the problem. Now the downside to this is a few things. One when you call up, the wait is so unbelievably long. Not to mention if the cable goes out then the phone goes out and ect ect. So everything is linked and hinges on the cable line. But then again the same thing is said with electricity, everything hinges on that so what makes cable any less of a problem.


I would say, go with your area's major provider. They would have the man power and the access to fix problems on the spot. The lesser companies, the mom and pop companies may be cheaper but the bigger companies not only offer more services but they as stated have the means to get out and correct problems when they arrise. Also, take the top of the line cable boxes from your provider, the lesser brands burn out easier.

$ 175
Aug 2007
New Baltimore, Michigan
Information package bundle  more... close row
$ 120
Mar 2008
Rapid City, SD
HD Cable with DVR and internet  more... close row
$ 50
Aug 2007
Phoenix, AZ
Internet and cable bundle  more... close row
$ 136
Jan 2007
Bellmawr, NJ
Had to wait for installation  more... close row
$ 107
Jun 2008
Albany OR.
Digital Cable package with Phone, Cable and Internet  more... close row
$ 126
Apr 2008
Alexandria, VA
Information services plus HD add-on  more... close row