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the Cost of Dial Up Internet Access

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$ 11
Jan 2007
St. Louis, Missouri
56K dial up connection is easy to use  more... close row
$ 20
Apr 2008
Helenwood, TN
Disappointed with speed and usability  more... close row
$ 10
Sep 2006
Montgomery, AL
High quality dial up internet  more... close row
$ 24
Aug 2007
Acton, Maine
Reasonable internet access  more... close row

Description of service

The dial up internet access I paid for was ok. It cost 24.99 a month, but after a longevity of 2 years they cut my price to 14.99 a month. I got 5 email addresses and could connect anywhere in the US that had a local number listed in their data bank.

Review of Service

The service was OK. There were major offline issues at first, but they seemed to be fixed after about a year. I had some minor connection issues after that and the pages loaded pretty slowly. The customer service was excellent. It was a 24/7 service so if i was up in the middle of the night feeding the baby and had a problem, I could call.


Ask about their customer service center. Make sure it is a 24/7 service if that is important to you. Find out abut their billing cycle. Is it on the first of the month or fifteenth, etc. Ask for a list of nation wide cities they are available in and access numbers for each. Local dial ups will be cheaper, but if you travel you will want to be able to connect without long distance charges. If you can afford it, definitely switch to cable modem or equivalent. The pages load so much faster!!

$ 22
Apr 2008
Long time dial up user  more... close row
$ 26
Jan 2008
Dalhart, TX
Dialup with significant slow downs  more... close row
$ 0
Apr 2008
Seattle, WA
Free unlimited 56k dial-up service  more... close row
$ 22
Sep 2007
Dial up internet was the only thing available  more... close row
$ 13
Mar 2008
lake isabella, california
Reliable and easy dialup internet  more... close row
$ 20
Mar 2008
Sparta, NC
Dial up internet service  more... close row