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the Cost of Dial Up Internet Access

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$ 11
Jan 2007
St. Louis, Missouri
56K dial up connection is easy to use  more... close row

Description of service

The basic package was a 56K dial up connection through a phone based modem. The account comes with 6.6GB e-mail account that allows attachments of up to 20Mb. There is also a 24 hour technical support and customer service hotline, which I have never needed to use.

The e-mail account is a popular web based e-mail client. Also included in the price is an internet security pack that helps protect against spyware, adware, malware and the like. This also includes a spam filter, a firewall and parental control features.

Review of Service

I have had no problem with this service, and for a dial-up connection the speed is, as advertised, comparable to a slow broadband dsl connection, but far cheaper. There are no annoying pop-up or ad bars associated with the ISP, and there are no large software packages to download before you can use the connection.


If you need an internet connection easily without any set-up hassle, this is a good option, as unlike a broadband or dsl connection, you do not have to set up any special equipment, you simply need a working phone line. This is especially good if you only need a temporary internet connection or live in an area where faster access is not an option.

$ 20
Apr 2008
Helenwood, TN
Disappointed with speed and usability  more... close row
$ 10
Sep 2006
Montgomery, AL
High quality dial up internet  more... close row
$ 24
Aug 2007
Acton, Maine
Reasonable internet access  more... close row
$ 22
Apr 2008
Long time dial up user  more... close row
$ 26
Jan 2008
Dalhart, TX
Dialup with significant slow downs  more... close row
$ 0
Apr 2008
Seattle, WA
Free unlimited 56k dial-up service  more... close row
$ 22
Sep 2007
Dial up internet was the only thing available  more... close row
$ 13
Mar 2008
lake isabella, california
Reliable and easy dialup internet  more... close row
$ 20
Mar 2008
Sparta, NC
Dial up internet service  more... close row