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the Cost of Seller's Real Estate Agents

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$ 17000
May 2008
Holbrook, New York
4 %
Very fast sale with an agent who is into self promotion  more... close row
$ 8400
Mar 2008
Blue Bell, PA
3 % plus 1.5 %
3% plus 1.5% using an MLS system  more... close row
$ 6540
Mar 2008
New Castle, PA
6 %
Experienced and effective seller's agent  more... close row
$ 15000
Mar 2008
Miami, FL
5 %
Realtorprovided valuable services  more... close row
$ 18000
Mar 2008
atlanta, ga
Excellent service helped house sell quickly  more... close row
$ 1500
Jun 2007
Phoenix, AZ
flat fee
Discount real estate service has flat fee  more... close row
$ 22500
May 2008
Plainview New York
Senior agent better than a junior agent  more... close row
$ 9600
Sep 2007
Portsmouth, VA
Local real estate agent kept me out of the loop  more... close row
$ 11940
Apr 2008
Amarillo, TX
6 %
Realtor's fees regulated by the state  more... close row

Description of service

The $11,940 was a high price for the realtor, but it included listing the property, showing the house, and included the percentage which was paid for both realtors (buyer and seller) and the commission paid to the brokers (buyer and seller). This rate is pretty much set by the state, as it sets the commission rate which is allowed by law.

Review of Service

The good part is that this doesn't happen very often, as most people don't sell their homes weekly or yearly. Fortunately we were able to find a realtor that we could work with, even though sometimes the real estate office that he worked often forgot that they were asking us to vacate our house at odd hours of the day (8:30 at night). The value is pretty much set by state law, so even though I thought it was a little high we really didn't have a choice on how much was paid and to whom it was paid.


Shop around and find a realtor which you can work with, many times a realtor will be so into selling your house that they forget that it is still your house which is being sold. Make sure that you have an open dialogue so the realtor can still get the house sold and everyone can keep their sanity.

$ 0
Jan 2007
Monroe, Wisconsin
6-7 %
House did not sell under agent  more... close row
$ 0
Mar 2008
Stroudsburg, PA
Home not sold yet but service good  more... close row
$ 10000
Aug 2007
Park City, UT
Bad housing market makes things difficult  more... close row