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the Price of Assisted Living Facilities

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$ 2050
May 2008
Burbank, CA
Mid-level assisted living in a larger retirement hotel atmosphere  more... close row
$ 4700
Apr 2008
Holbrook, New York
Monthly fee for an 84 year old resident  more... close row
$ 1500
May 2008
Akron OH
Service for the price is very good  more... close row
$ 4800
Jan 2008
Teaneck, New Jersey
Monthly cost for comprehensive assisted care facility  more... close row
$ 1500
May 2008
Livonia MI
Assisted Living Facilities have many names  more... close row
$ 1000
Apr 2008
Detroit MI
Assisted living is a good step before a nursing home  more... close row
$ 2000
Apr 2008
Atlanta, GA
Aunt in assisted living facility  more... close row
$ 3000
May 2008
Chicago, Illinois
Hit and miss service for grandmother  more... close row
$ 4000
Jan 2007
Cherry Hill, NJ
Mother enjoys her assisted living facility  more... close row
$ 5000
Sep 2007
Pine Bluff, AR
Monthly charge for a semi-private room  more... close row
$ 2200
Mar 2008
Van Nuys, CA
Shared room and prepared meals  more... close row
$ 680
May 2008
orlando, florida
Paying for assisted living from disability check  more... close row
$ 800
Jan 2007
Clarksville, Tn
Grandmother happy with assisted living  more... close row
$ 200
Apr 2008
Merritt Island, FL
Price per day for brother who had stroke  more... close row

Description of service

My brother recently has been in a rehabilitation center. He suffered a stroke, He is there 24 hours a day. The cost is $200 a day. Insurance barely covers this. He is in a semi private room and on oxygen. He receives therapy twice a day. He receives some medications but this is not covered in the cost. It is handled by his insurance. As for how long he will be there is still unknown,

Review of Service

The center he is at is run by the local hospital. Although it is higher in price, he has the hospital close by if he should need it. The facility itself is new so it is very clean. The rooms are light and airy with a nice view of the river. The patients either eat in their rooms or in a communal dining area. As for the staff, they seem very qualified. The aides are a little indifferent to the patients and I see that they are not mean to them just indifferent. The nurses seem to care for the patients. As for the therapists, my brother likes them and feels they do an excellent job. They are very patient. As stated the only concern is the aides and I hope they have a background check/


It is difficult to find the perfect rehabilitative service for someone. Always make sure your doctor approves. Check with the state for any problems. Try and find out if the staff have had background checks. Most of all watch for any signs of problems.

$ 700
Jan 2008
Merritt Island, Florida
Assisted living for ex mother in law  more... close row
$ 750
Apr 2008
La Crescent, MN
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