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the Price of a Chemical Peel

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$ 700
Jan 2007
Scottsdale, Arizona
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Description of service

In January of 2007, I asked my cosmetic surgeon to do a deep chemical peel on my face. I am in my early thirties and have always had freckles on my face and hated them. My doctor told me a peel would remove the freckles and soften wrinkles and ease up some acne I was experiencing. The peel cost $700.00 and there were no gratuities or any taxes involed with the fee.

Review of Service

I was having a surgical procedure done on my ears so I figured it would be a good time to do the chemical peel on my face as well. Since I was under anesthesia, I did not feel any pain associated with the application of the chemicals on my face which was great! After having the peel, my face looked very sunburned and the skin felt very tight. Over a period of ten days, it got even tighter and more brown; it really started to hurt! I wish I had known how much my face would hurt before I had the peel done. It felt like my face was going to explode! When my face did start to peel, it felt much better and underneath was beautiful freckle free skin! It seemed like a great deal, $700.00 and no more freckles! But, the freckles came back within a year, so I don't know if it was a great deal or not.


I would tell anyone thinking of having a deep chemical peel, that it is pretty painful and you will need at least 10 days to heal. That is a long time for most people so think about it before you decide to do the peel. Also, make sure you have a reputable doctor or aesthetician perform your peel, as they can be dangerous if not done properly.

I do wish I had known that my freckles would come back before I spent $700.00.

$ 150
Mar 2008
Santa Barbara, CA
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$ 225
Oct 2008
New York,NY
Chemical peel was necessary for health and care of skin  more... close row
$ 65
Jan 2008
Palm Coast, Florida
Chemical peel highly recommended  more... close row
$ 100
Jan 2008
Sacramento, CA
Glycolic acid makes skin peel off  more... close row
$ 1500
Jan 2008
Portland, OR
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$ 295
May 2007
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$ 159
Jun 2007
Woodbridge, VA
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$ 800
Sep 2008
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$ 200
Jun 2008
Orange Park, FL
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