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the Cost of Emergency Medical Procedures

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$ 5000
May 2007
New York, NY
Punctured Uterus
Emergency surgeon for special circumstance  more... close row
$ 8000
Mar 2007
car accident
Crushed by a car  more... close row
$ 9000
May 2008
Memphis, Tennessee
MRSA infection in knee
Frightening MRSA in daughter  more... close row
$ 1750
Feb 2007
Baltimore, MD
Broken toe
Foot run over by a Go-Kart  more... close row
$ 8000
Aug 2007
Lincolnton, NC
Emergency appendectomy needed  more... close row
$ 2250
Sep 2006
Tampa, FL
Shin cut that wouldn't quit bleeding
Bleeding just wouldn't stop  more... close row
$ 4500
Jul 2007
Warren, AR
head injury from slipping in bathtub
Son got CAT scan after faslling and hitting head  more... close row
$ 3000
Oct 2006
Warren, AR
eyelid busted open along crease
Stitches for eye area due to roughhousing  more... close row
$ 50
Nov 2007
Hackensack, NJ
broken wrist
Emergency surgery on a broken wrist  more... close row
$ 160
Feb 2006
Tampa, FL
underarm cyst
Cysts need to be lanced  more... close row
$ 17000
Oct 2008
Radfprd, VA
Gall bladder
Emergency assessment and removal at Carilion. Two years later,  more... close row
$ 1500
Jan 2008
Ashland City, TN
cramps after labor
Wonderful emergency room staff  more... close row
$ 1800
Feb 2008
Coon Rapids, Minnesota
Could not get their act together....
ER for abdominal pain  more... close row
$ 8000
Apr 2007
mount Pleasant
Emergency gallbladder removal  more... close row

Description of service

Last year I went into the emergency room in pain caused by gal stones. I was told that my gal bladder would have to be removed, which at the time seemed like a blessing being I was in pain. I had my gal bladder removed that same afternoon and was released from the hospital that evening. I paid a little over 12,000 just for that one day having my gal bladder removed and 8,000 of that went to the surgeon.

Review of Service

While I was in the hospital I recevied wonderful care. They made sure I was in as little pain as possible, and my doctor kept coming in through out the morning checking me and making sure everything was going as it was suppose to. I was really impress by how nice everyone was, and I was there on a weekend and they were rather busy. But when they came in my room they made me feel like I was their only patient.


I suggest looking around for a hospital with good ratings if you are expecting to have any large surgry done. You only want the best people working on you. I also recommend having a bank account set up with emergency funds if you can afford to put money aside. That will really help you if you find yourself ill or hurt.

$ 12000
Feb 2008
Raleigh, NC
fell down stairs
Poor quality emergency services  more... close row