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the Cost of Emergency Medical Procedures

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$ 5000
May 2007
New York, NY
Punctured Uterus
Emergency surgeon for special circumstance  more... close row
$ 8000
Mar 2007
car accident
Crushed by a car  more... close row

Description of service

I was working on a friends car and had it jacked up and blocks under the frame. Somehow the jack kicked out and so did the blocks and I had a full size sedan laying on top of me. So I tried to wiggle my way out from under it, wasn't working, then I remembered my cell phone fell and it was laying to my left a little bit. luckily I was able to reach it and call my friend, well my friend called 911, I wasn't to happy about it but I knew I was hurting. So a few minutes later there was almost a dozen emergency vehicles there and a air ambulance on its way. I had to argue that I didn't want to be flown in just for the fact that it is so expensive. So they took me by ground to the emergency room. Do to the type of injury they called a "trauma alert" So when we got to the hospital they had the trauma room full of various types of Dr's and nurses. I am a emt and I know how things go when we go on a call and give medical care, but being the one getting care you have a totally different look on the situation. I was on the backboard, surrounded by fellow firefighters and emt's I knew I was in pain but not sure how much, and was more worried about where my cell phone was so I could call my fiance. They had me stripped to my birthday suit, had blood drawn, drugs pushed and several x-rays and cat scans done. My vitals where soso on the way down, but when I was in the machine getting the catscan done I crashed, I remember laying then then nothing until I woke up in my room several hours later. I ruptured my spleen and was bleeding out quickly, and it didn't start to bleed untill I was in the cat scan machine for some odd reason. After I was released from the hospital and was almost healed up the bills started to roll in. I was floored how much this costed me... WITH insurance! But what is our option? hold our from going to the hospital when we need medical attention? I was going to do that, and if I would have I wouldn't be here typing this right now.

Review of Service

The service was very professional, speedy, and friendly. I went to a excellent hospital. I couldn't have asked for a better medical staff that was attending. Yes it was expensive, but I'm still here... It's only money.. you can always get it.. but you only live once!


Don't hesitate from getting medical attention if you are worried about the costs, It's better to be in debt than dead.

$ 9000
May 2008
Memphis, Tennessee
MRSA infection in knee
Frightening MRSA in daughter  more... close row
$ 1750
Feb 2007
Baltimore, MD
Broken toe
Foot run over by a Go-Kart  more... close row
$ 8000
Aug 2007
Lincolnton, NC
Emergency appendectomy needed  more... close row
$ 50
Nov 2007
Hackensack, NJ
broken wrist
Emergency surgery on a broken wrist  more... close row
$ 2250
Sep 2006
Tampa, FL
Shin cut that wouldn't quit bleeding
Bleeding just wouldn't stop  more... close row
$ 4500
Jul 2007
Warren, AR
head injury from slipping in bathtub
Son got CAT scan after faslling and hitting head  more... close row
$ 3000
Oct 2006
Warren, AR
eyelid busted open along crease
Stitches for eye area due to roughhousing  more... close row
$ 160
Feb 2006
Tampa, FL
underarm cyst
Cysts need to be lanced  more... close row
$ 17000
Oct 2008
Radfprd, VA
Gall bladder
Emergency assessment and removal at Carilion. Two years later,  more... close row
$ 1500
Jan 2008
Ashland City, TN
cramps after labor
Wonderful emergency room staff  more... close row
$ 1800
Feb 2008
Coon Rapids, Minnesota
Could not get their act together....
ER for abdominal pain  more... close row
$ 8000
Apr 2007
mount Pleasant
Emergency gallbladder removal  more... close row
$ 12000
Feb 2008
Raleigh, NC
fell down stairs
Poor quality emergency services  more... close row