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the Price of a Couples Massage

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$ 78
Mar 2009
Powell, OH
1 hour
Couples massage with a massage membership  more... close row

Description of service

My wife and I recently purchased a massage membership at a local massage facility. The cost I posted is based on the price we pay with our membership. Non-members would pay $130.00 for the same thing. That said, the couples massage included a one hour massage for each of us. We were in the same room at the facility but on separate beds. The beds were side by side and we each had our own massage therapist in the room. The massage was full body (no breast or genital touching!) and they used hypoallergenic massage cream that was unscented. The beds were heated and we also had heated blankets over us during the massage (the parts that were not being massaged were always covered). There was soothing Asian-inspired music playing and the lighting was very dim. They focused on our backs, so we were on our stomach the entire massage.

Review of Service

LOVED it! Will definitely use this service again and would recommend for any couple. Was relaxing and we left there feeling great. We both slept so well that night! I loved that the room was a calming purple color and smelled fresh and not like perfume. I also liked the therapists. They were very professional and did a great job.


Know that you are going to have to get completely naked when you do this. My therapist got annoyed when I left my socks on! They massage everything, so any clothing will impede their treatment. At first we were both a little uncomfortable with this, as you feel so vulnerable. But you soon relax and just enjoy it and realize that its like going to a doctor.

$ 200
Feb 2009
Atlanta Georgia
90 minutes
Wonderful 90 minute couples massage  more... close row
$ 300
Mar 2009
Calistoga, CA
60 minutes
Massage included mud bath and other extras  more... close row
$ 160
Mar 2009
North Hollywood CA
60 Min
Loved everything about this experience  more... close row
$ 200
Apr 2009
Los Angeles, California
1 hour
Couples massage every two or three weeks  more... close row
$ 255
Dec 2008
Columbia, MO.
2 Hours
Couples massage tailored to each person  more... close row
$ 157
Apr 2009
Montgomery Village, MD
1 hour
Couples massage provided special connection  more... close row
$ 200
Feb 2007
Duluth, GA
1 hour
Massage therapist was not responsive to requests  more... close row
$ 130
Mar 2009
Overland Park, KS
1 Hour
60 minute massage with fiancee  more... close row
$ 200
Sep 2007
Napa, CA
1 and a half hours
Couples massage was great except for foot massage  more... close row
$ 365
Jul 2009
Orlando, FL
1 hour
Results of couples massage felt great for days  more... close row
$ 100
Feb 2009
Brighton, CO
45 minutes
Couples massage was not all I expected  more... close row