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the Price of a Dental Cleaning and Check-up

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$ 50
Feb 2008
Phoenix, AZ
Annual cleaning and checkup  more... close row
$ 162
Jan 2008
Fort Bragg, CA
Dental check up and x-rays  more... close row
$ 250
Jan 2008
New York, NY
Dentist office like a spa  more... close row
$ 70
Mar 2008
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Routine dental cleaning  more... close row
$ 135
Mar 2008
Washington, D.C.
Cleaning, x rays and exam  more... close row
$ 62
Oct 2007
Kansas City, Mo
Dental care at a dental college  more... close row
$ 108
Mar 2008
Bridgeport, WV
Bi-annual cleaning and oral evaluation  more... close row
$ 70
Nov 2007
Rocky River, Ohio
Cleaning and exam from the dentist  more... close row

Description of service

I paid for a basic dental cleaning for an adult. No X-rays, no fluoride, no frills. Just a basic cleaning.

Review of Service

The dentist was covered by my insurance company, and I was very pleased to learn that my dental coverage entirely covered the fees he charged. I paid nothing out of pocket. In return, he did a good job - checked my teeth for cavities, cleaned them, polished them, and talked about everyday things very calmly during the process. He was quiet and courteous, very nice. I was a little surprised when I walked into the office that the person who answered the phone and greeted me then took me back, cleaned my teeth, and checked them - but I found that the office consists of two partners who work together and prefer having a very low overhead so that they can offer good service at a low rate and still profit moderately. I will go back in a month to the same dentist without hesitation.


1. Make sure that your insurance company covers the cost of services and that there are no hidden charges; otherwise, you may find yourself paying an unexpectedly large amount out of your own pocket, which can be quite unpleasant.

$ 100
Apr 2008
Dearborn MI
Cost for one twice a year dental exam  more... close row
$ 87
Aug 2007
Oakland, CA
Routine check up and cleaning  more... close row
$ 40
Apr 2009
Ashland, Ky
Very pleasant and cheap dental cleaning  more... close row
$ 99
Oct 2007
Boiling Springs, SC
Full check up with x rays and cleaning  more... close row
$ 1400
Feb 2007
Cleaning, x rays and six fillings  more... close row
$ 400
Jun 2007
Akron, OH
Cleaning, examination, and filling a cavity  more... close row
$ 243
Mar 2008
Grand Rapids, MI
Initial consultation with a new dentist  more... close row
$ 149
Mar 2008
Canton, MI
Full dental exam with x-rays and cleaning  more... close row
$ 325
Sep 2007
Ft. Washington, MD
High price for quick view of mouth  more... close row