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the Cost of Private Middle and High School Tuition

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$ 21500
Jul 2007
Owings Mills, MD
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Description of service

Tuition at the private school I sent my son to was one of the more expensive in the Baltimore metro area. Tuition includes classes, lunch, transportation on the bus system that is privately owned by the school, athletics and athletic facilities, theatrical, choral, and artistic opportunities, some books, and leadership development seminars for anyone who wants to take them. Tuition does not include most textbooks, private music lessons, lunch or dinner, or boarding at the school.

Review of Service

The quality of my son's education was phenomenal. I watched him turn from a lazy, complacent student into a motivated, disciplined leader in a little over 3 years during his time in high school. He was also provided with wonderful opportunities to play on top-notch athletic teams and sing in some beautiful choral concerts. I always felt as if I could contact any of his teachers at any time if I had any issues with his education. The tuition was, however, quite expensive. As an alternative to a (free) public school education, I'm not convinced that it was worth it, or that it was a "good value," because there are definitely some good public schools out there. However, it was within my budget, and I was glad to be sure of his quality education and preparation for college.


Compare different private schools before you decide which one to send your child to. I'm sure some aren't worth it at all. I was able to afford the best, so I chose the best for my son. However, not all situations provide for opportunities like that. With the best of the private schools, you won't have to worry about your child's education. They are almost worth the cost just for that peace of mind!

$ 5000
Aug 2008
San Luis Obispo, CA
9th Grade
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$ 17180
Jan 2008
Ann Arbor, Michigan
9th grade
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$ 23000
May 2008
Los Angeles, California
One year tuition for excellent school  more... close row
$ 12000
Sep 2007
Chicago, Illinois
Freshman in High School
One semester of school not worth the money  more... close row
$ 33000
Jun 2008
Exeter, NH
Prestigious boarding school  more... close row
$ 16000
May 2007
Chicago, Illinois
Junior in high school
Year tuition for private year round school  more... close row
$ 5500
Aug 2007
Concord, NC
School offered a classical education  more... close row
$ 9800
May 2008
Kansas City, MO
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$ 0
Oct 2010
City, State
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$ 600
May 2008
orlando, florida
Home school program lets students work at their own pace  more... close row
$ 7450
Aug 2007
cuyahoga falls, ohio
Tuition for a diverse 7-12 college prep schol  more... close row
$ 7390
Jun 2007
8th Grade
One school year at a good private school  more... close row