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the Price of Teeth Whitening

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$ 150
Aug 2008
Memphis, Tennessee
Teeth whitening for teenage son  more... close row
$ 75
Mar 2006
Dublin, OH
Internal bleaching on tooth was worth the money  more... close row
$ 400
Feb 2008
Effective but long tooth whitening process  more... close row
$ 460
Jan 2008
Denver, CO
Two part teeth whitening method  more... close row
$ 200
Aug 2008
Burlington, North Carolina
Excellent teeth whitening procedure  more... close row
$ 550
Dec 2007
Coral Springs, Fl.
Whitened teeth a holiday present to self  more... close row
$ 800
Jun 2008
Charlotte, NC
Professional whitening for dingy looking teeth  more... close row
$ 300
Sep 2007
Chelmsford, MA
Disappointing results with teeth whitening  more... close row
$ 750
Nov 2008
Denver, CO
Teeth whitening made me look much younger  more... close row
$ 110
Jan 2008
Philadelphia, PA
Whitening of tooth bonding left tooth more discolored  more... close row
$ 145
Jul 2008
Chicago, IL
Three part tooth whitening regimen  more... close row
$ 125
Jun 2007
Brockport, Newyork
Whitening in dental office with follow-up care  more... close row

Description of service

My dentist performed an operation where a mix of fluorides and whitening gel was mixed together and placed in a cast that was made from my teeth and fitted specifically for my mouth. After this was done, the Whitening gel was placed in my mouth and was kept there for a period of thirty minutes and was taken out periodically to check for progress. After this was done, the dentist gave me the same type of gel except a little weaker and an exact cast of the one that was placed in my mouth was given to me that was made of plastic. I was instructed to put the gel in the cast and place it in my mouth for a period of one hour every day for thirty days.

Review of Service

The quality of the service was exemplary as the shade of my teeth was now almost an eggshell white and kept improving over the thirty days. I periodically will receive more gel to keep the teeth white and will put the gel in every three to four days.


If I could suggest anything to someone wanting to get their teeth whitened, I would have to say that it would be a good decision to ask your specific dentist about the service and to not try any of the store products that duplicate this service. The store products have a low rate of success and can get expensive very quickly.

$ 0
Oct 2010
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499yUW <a href="http://uybdagpcclcr.com/">uybdagpcclcr</a&g  more... close row
$ 900
Jul 2008
Los Angeles, CA
Laser teeth whitening service  more... close row
$ 350
Aug 2008
Slight irritation to gums when teeth were whitened  more... close row