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$ 135
Jan 2008
Cleveland, OH
espresso machine
Espresso machine repair and advice  more... close row
$ 90
Nov 2006
Phoenix, AZ
stand mixer
Repair of a heavy duty mixer  more... close row
$ 585
Sep 2007
water heater
Water heater replaced and installed  more... close row
$ 1036
Jun 2007
Boston, MA
water heater
Replacing hot water heater  more... close row
$ 50
May 2008
Ashland, Ky
Deep Freezer
Deep freezer began to thaw  more... close row
$ 20
Jan 2008
Brighton, CO
professional stand mixer
Repair of professional stand mixer  more... close row
$ 60
Apr 2007
Delaware, OH
water heater
Water heater was leaking  more... close row

Description of service

My water heater was only two years old but it was leaking or something around the top where it connected to the pipes sticking out of the wall. I called a local plumber and he came out that day. He was here for less than one hour. He was elderly and VERY nice and to the point. He explained that the connection between the water heater and the pipes was not air/water tight. All the sedimentation buildup (it looked like white, yellow, orange, and blueish powdery crystals all over the top of the water heater and around the copper pipes) was due to a constant tiny leak in the fixtures. He turned off the water, disconnected the copper pipes, cleaned off all of the buildup, and reconnected the pipes, using some sort of sealant tape.

Review of Service

I loved this old guy. You could totally tell he had been working on water heaters for a long time and knew his stuff. He was in and out in less than an hour and it was well worth the $60.00 we had to pay. We have not had any issues with our water heater since his visit. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.


If you see corrosion or buildup like I describing, it means you have a leak. Be sure to call a repair person to come out and look at it and fix it. You are wasting money when you have a leak like that and causing damage to your water heater and the pipes.

$ 150
May 2008
Akron OH
High price but a necessary fix  more... close row
$ 60
Sep 2008
Brighton, CO
Upright deep freeze
Deep freezer needed more freon  more... close row
$ 435
Feb 2008
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Jennair drop in oven for a kitchen island
Oven needed a new vent blower  more... close row
$ 45
Jan 2008
Durham, NC
Appliance repair for smoothie blender  more... close row
$ 481
Mar 2009
Port St. Joe, FL
Free-standing ice maker
Repair for ice maker in remote area  more... close row
$ 209
Aug 2008
Brentwood TN
Sarcastic repairman for television  more... close row