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Check Cashing Fees

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$ 0
Nov 2007
Biddeford, ME
Reimbursement check from work cashed for free  more... close row
$ 3
Mar 2008
Lincolnton, NC
Check cashing cheaper at retail store  more... close row
$ 100
Aug 2007
Newbury Park, California
Ten percent fee for check cashing  more... close row

Description of service

It's a basic check cashing service. I brought a check, and they exchanged it for cash minus a 10% fee (with a $5.00 minimum.)

Review of Service

This is a strange service to some people. Because of a judgment, I can't really have money in a bank account, so I have to get my checks cashed at places like this because if I bring them to a bank, the government will take it from me. It's a pain, but these places do make it possible to live. The service is nothing special, but it gets the job done. You do hav eto provide them with quite a bit of information about yourself, so you'd better make sure that the check you're cashing is actually good or you will be sorry. 10% seems a bit steep to me, especially because I had to cash a $1,000 check, and I have since found that there are better deals out there.


It pays to shop around. I think I assumed that all places were the same and that the cost wouldn't really vary. Boy was I wrong. There are places that charge less than half of what I paid, and there's really no benefit that I could see to going to a more expensive place. Bottom line is--shop around

$ 53
Jan 2008
west sacramento, california
Payroll check cashed after bank closing  more... close row
$ 2
Feb 2008
Atlanta, Georgia
Cashing a $200 check  more... close row
$ 20
Jan 2007
Tempe, AZ
Small fee for cashing checks  more... close row
$ 14
Apr 2008
Bronx, New york
Low fees with good customer service  more... close row
$ 3
Mar 2008
Austell, GA
Flat fee check cashing at retail store  more... close row
$ 4
Mar 2008
Woodstock, GA
Payroll check cashed at major retailer  more... close row
$ 2
Mar 2008
Fergus Fall, MN
Check cashing at deparment store  more... close row