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Check Cashing Fees

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$ 0
Nov 2007
Biddeford, ME
Reimbursement check from work cashed for free  more... close row
$ 3
Mar 2008
Lincolnton, NC
Check cashing cheaper at retail store  more... close row

Description of service

Took a payroll check to have it cashed at a well-known store because my bank would not cash it because I had overdrafted my account. Most places charge you a percentage of the check but this particular store only charges $3.00 flat regardless of how big your check is. They also cash checks up to $1000 dollars.

Review of Service

I went in to see if this store would cash my check after my bank denied me. Boy, was I in luck. Not only did they cash my check but it was CHEAP to get it done. I've been to the check cashing places before, you know, the places that are open 24/7 and will cash your payroll checks? But everytime I used one of those places I just came out disappointed at the amount that they had taken out. This place also had great customer service. The lady that cashed it was SUPER friendly. I will definitely be going back.


If you don't have a bank account, or if you have overdrafted yours and can no longer cash checks there without them taking half your check shop around. Don't just settle for a check cashing service that takes a chunk out of your check. Check grocery stores, gas station, and other local stores to see if they would cash it for just a few bucks. Most will, as long as it is a payroll check and not a third party check or a refund/rebate check.

$ 100
Aug 2007
Newbury Park, California
Ten percent fee for check cashing  more... close row
$ 53
Jan 2008
west sacramento, california
Payroll check cashed after bank closing  more... close row
$ 2
Feb 2008
Atlanta, Georgia
Cashing a $200 check  more... close row
$ 20
Jan 2007
Tempe, AZ
Small fee for cashing checks  more... close row
$ 14
Apr 2008
Bronx, New york
Low fees with good customer service  more... close row
$ 3
Mar 2008
Austell, GA
Flat fee check cashing at retail store  more... close row
$ 4
Mar 2008
Woodstock, GA
Payroll check cashed at major retailer  more... close row
$ 2
Mar 2008
Fergus Fall, MN
Check cashing at deparment store  more... close row