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Check Cashing Fees

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$ 0
Nov 2007
Biddeford, ME
Reimbursement check from work cashed for free  more... close row
$ 3
Mar 2008
Lincolnton, NC
Check cashing cheaper at retail store  more... close row
$ 53
Jan 2008
west sacramento, california
Payroll check cashed after bank closing  more... close row

Description of service

I recently had a payroll check I had to cash and I couldn't get to my bank because they were closed. I needed to get the cash right then so I went to a local check cashing place. I paid 7% of my $750 check in fees. I felt like it was ok because of the urgency and I realised I was paying for the convenience of not having to wait until monday to go to the bank.

Review of Service

The people at the check cashing place weren't very friendly but they did assist me quickly in getting the check cashed. The glass window you stand behind makes it a little hard to communicate with them but I understood the need for it because of the area of town it was located in. The line was short so I didn't have to wait too long and the hours of operation were very convenient. They were able to give me the exact bills I needed so that was very helpful. I would suggest a check cashing location to someone who was in a bind and needed quick cash without the hastle of the bank.


Use this service only when you need to. Be prepared to pay a percentage of your check and maybe shop around to get a good price. Keep in mind you are paying for convenience.

$ 100
Aug 2007
Newbury Park, California
Ten percent fee for check cashing  more... close row
$ 20
Jan 2007
Tempe, AZ
Small fee for cashing checks  more... close row
$ 14
Apr 2008
Bronx, New york
Low fees with good customer service  more... close row
$ 2
Feb 2008
Atlanta, Georgia
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$ 4
Mar 2008
Woodstock, GA
Payroll check cashed at major retailer  more... close row
$ 3
Mar 2008
Austell, GA
Flat fee check cashing at retail store  more... close row
$ 2
Mar 2008
Fergus Fall, MN
Check cashing at deparment store  more... close row