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the Cost of In Vitro Fertilization

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$ 7000
Mar 2008
Irving Texas
Invitro Fertilization preparation and procedure  more... close row
$ 8000
Nov 2008
Los Angeles, CA
Infertility Specialist
IVF resulted in pregnancy with twin girls  more... close row
$ 10800
May 2007
Bridgeport, CT
Infertility Specialist
Two cycles of IVF treatment  more... close row
$ 3000
Aug 2009
Chicago, IL
Just found out I am pregnant!  more... close row
$ 450
Oct 2008
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Very cheap IVF procedure  more... close row
$ 9500
May 2008
IVF at a family planning clinic  more... close row
$ 8000
May 2009
Boulder, CO
female fertility
In vitro fertilization with a wonderful doctor  more... close row
$ 20000
Jan 2009
Fairfax, VA
Reproductive Endocronologist for IVF
Shared risk IVF program  more... close row

Description of service

My husband and I had IVF this January. The practice we used had a "shared risk" program. We paid a flat fee and were given up to 6 fresh cycles and unlimited frozed cycles, until we were successfully pregnant. If IVF did not work, all our money would be refunded. The price of medicines was not included and cost us an additional $3000 a cycle.

Review of Service

We received excellent care. We specifically chose our clinic after looking at multiple clinics in our area. They had the best shared risk program and the best success statistics, which can easily be obtained through the Center for Disease Control's website.


IVF is a gamble for most people, since it is rarely covered by insurance. We went back and forth trying to decide if we wanted to pay for each cycle out of pocket ($9-10,000) or if we wanted to do the shared risk program. We finally decided that if we got pregnant, any cost would be worth it, but if we were not successful, we could not deal with never seeing the money we spent again. Knowing that it could be refunded and we could use it to pursue other options (surrogacy, adoption, etc), really calmed us down. I believe because we weren't stressing about money, we could relax more, which is always a good thing when going through fertility treatment. (And yes, it worked, the first time!)

$ 5000
Aug 2008
Metairie, LA
Switched providers after one failed attempt  more... close row