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the Cost of In Vitro Fertilization

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$ 7000
Mar 2008
Irving Texas
Invitro Fertilization preparation and procedure  more... close row

Description of service

My husband and I had to use the service of Invitro Fertilization or IVF to concieve our babies. We found a doctor on the recommendation of a friend of mine. IVF involves retriving eggs and mixing the sperm to achieve fertilization. Once the eggs have fertilized then they grow for few days and the embryos are placed back into the womb to attach and grow. To do this , i had to have several sonograms to watch the growth of my eggs. I also had to inject hormones to stimulate the egg growth. Once they were a certain size, the doctor would go in and retrive them.

Review of Service

This dr was beyond wonderful.. Not only was he very nice he was very knowledgeable. He performed all the procdures himself and did not leave it up to a nurse to do sonograms. They were very clear on the instructions of how to administer the medicines and how to order the medicines. Once they put the embryos back in to the womb, and pregnancy was established he watched me carefully for another week before letting me go see a OBGYN.


This is a very difficult choice for any person to make and very costly so it is important to research any avenue you chose to take. Check with your insurance company to see what procedures they will cover.. although they may not cover everything, they might cover some of it. We were lucky and had 80% coverage. Doctors that have their labs with in their office usually are cheaper. and cheaper does not me less experience or less knowledge, or less success with pregnancy. Our Dr was the cheapest in the business and we got pregnant with twins on the first try. But that could be attributed to many other factors too.

$ 10800
May 2007
Bridgeport, CT
Infertility Specialist
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$ 8000
Nov 2008
Los Angeles, CA
Infertility Specialist
IVF resulted in pregnancy with twin girls  more... close row
$ 9500
May 2008
IVF at a family planning clinic  more... close row
$ 8000
May 2009
Boulder, CO
female fertility
In vitro fertilization with a wonderful doctor  more... close row
$ 3000
Aug 2009
Chicago, IL
Just found out I am pregnant!  more... close row
$ 450
Oct 2008
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Very cheap IVF procedure  more... close row
$ 20000
Jan 2009
Fairfax, VA
Reproductive Endocronologist for IVF
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$ 5000
Aug 2008
Metairie, LA
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