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the Cost of Non-Routine Pet Care

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$ 155
Mar 2008
Golden Retriever
Diagnosis and treament of seizure in dogs  more... close row
$ 62
Jan 2008
Houston, TX
Shots and claw trim for older cat  more... close row
$ 7000
Jan 2008
Overland Park KS
Chemotherapy and surgery for spleen cancer  more... close row
$ 300
Aug 2007
Fort Bragg, Ca
domestic shorthair cat
Urinary Disorder Diagnosis and Treatment for a Cat  more... close row
$ 285
Jan 2008
Greenwood, IN
Tumor removal for a cat  more... close row
$ 750
Sep 2006
Skippack, PA
Removal of one broken canine tooth  more... close row

Description of service

Removal of one broken canine tooth. Dog was put under anesthesia, had a long surgery that involved removal of the largest tooth in a dog's mouth. The incision that it took to remove the tooth was made from very close to his eye to the gumline.

Review of Service

Our dog broke his tooth trying to escape from his crate. We noticed that there was some blood around the bars and inspected his mouth to find that he had snapped the canine entirely off at the root. We took him to the vet that week and she recommended full extraction. She explained that in a case like this, infection can spread quickly and go into the bloodstream causing severe illness and even death. We scheduled surgery for that week.

We brought the dog in in the morning and heard by mid afternoon that he was out of surgery. They wanted to keep him overnight, but we were hesitant to leave him. They agreed to allow us to take him home right at closing time. When we picked him up, the doctor came out to explain what was done and reassure us that he would be fine. She gave us the tooth that was extracted so that we could see just how large it was. After seeing the tooth, we understood why it was such a complicated procedure! The root was quite long and when you placed it next to the dog's face you could easily see that it grown right up to the eye socket. It figured that he would have to break the most complicated tooth possible! The service was amazing and the dog healed very well. We wish the price was lower, but at least the doctor was absolutely qualified.


If your dog breaks a tooth, take them in right away to have the damage assessed. Just like people, it will only get worse if there is a problem.

$ 350
Aug 2007
Berkeley, CA
Shepherd mix
Growth biopsy removal, diagnosis and treatment for dog  more... close row
$ 3500
Jan 2008
Phoenix, AZ
Cancerous tumor required removing dog's tail  more... close row
$ 250
Apr 2008
lake oswego,, or
Dog tremor and blood test  more... close row
$ 275
May 2007
Bartlett, TN
Scheduled c-section for dog  more... close row