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the Cost of Replacing a Roof

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$ 3443
Sep 2007
Grifin, GA
Re-roofing and porch repair  more... close row

Description of service

The service was for recovering a roof with twenty-four year 3 tab shingles, repair work to the porch due to past roof leakage (ceiling to soffitt), tear off and reroof porch with rubber, two turbines installed and two sheets of plywood replaced on porch and painting of them to match current paint job. There was a five year warranty included with this service. The cost of recovering the roof was 825.00, the porch repair was 200.00, the tear off and reroof of porch was 200. The turbine installation was 68.41, the two sheets of plywood were 39.46. Materials cost 2109.88.

Review of Service

The quality of the service was good. The work was done quickly and the clean up was thorough. There were some problems with the porch area after the work was completed, and we have had to have the roofer come back out twice to fix these problems. There hasn't been a problem getting him to come out, though. We had one pack of shingles left over that we kept in case they were needed for any future repairs.


We obtained quotes from three different service providers, and found that a local roofer was the best deal for our money. The best advice I have is that it is important to get several quotes, and to also check references on anyone you are considering choosing. We asked that the roofer provide us with three references, and we called all of them for details regarding previous work done by the roofer and any issues there may have been.

$ 6000
May 2008
Lincolnton, NC
Hail damaged roof, requiring repair  more... close row
$ 5590
Apr 2007
Lansing, MI
Re-roofing in time for spring  more... close row
$ 1800
May 2008
Bensalem, PA
Reshingling roof including garage roof  more... close row
$ 10000
Mar 2006
Newark, DE
New roof and gutters  more... close row
$ 3700
May 2007
Henderson, Nevada
New roof keeps house much cooler  more... close row
$ 2500
Jun 2007
Warren, AR
Rotten roof areas repaired  more... close row
$ 7500
Nov 2007
Columbus, OH
Complete replacement of roof after a hailstorm  more... close row
$ 3900
Sep 2007
Austin, Texas
New metal roof after tornado damage  more... close row
$ 5000
Aug 2007
New Edinburg, AR
Very high noise level with roof repair  more... close row
$ 12000
May 2008
Nantucket, MA
Complete replacement of roof  more... close row