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$ 1
Mar 2008
Norfolk, Nebraska
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$ 45
Mar 2008
N. Dartmouth, MA
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Description of service

$40 per month includes 1000 anytime minutes and free nights and weekends. Text messeging is additional at $4.99 for 400 texts. This is a prepay plan with the option of month to month, 1 year contract or 2 year contract.

Review of Service

I've only had this service for a month now but so far cannot complain about the coverage and was not surprised at all by my first bill. This is a prepay plan in which you are required to pay your monthly service before it is due or your service is suspended. I like the fact that I can easily keep track of my minutes on their website or by a free call to customer service. Also I enjoy the fact that as a prepay service if I use all my minutes or texts that I have payed for the phone will not allow me to go over. It will only work during the free nights and weekends or I can add money to my account and continue to use my phone at $.20 per minute. With this in mind I know I will never get a surprise bill from not paying attention to my minutes...


Make sure you ask tons of questions. And don't let the salepeople tell you that you MUST have a contract. That is what the salesperson told me, but when I called customer service to confirm that they did inform me that I could have month to month service at the same price. The only difference is the cost of the phone(and its a large difference). Since I already had a phone I didn't need that discount and was happy with month to month. Don't forget that salespeople work on commission and the longer the contract, the larger their payout.

$ 70
Mar 2008
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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$ 70
Jan 2008
Mount Pleasant, MI
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$ 30
Feb 2008
Nashville TN
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$ 0
Oct 2010
City, State
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