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Mar 2008
Norfolk, Nebraska
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$ 45
Mar 2008
N. Dartmouth, MA
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$ 70
Mar 2008
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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Jan 2008
Mount Pleasant, MI
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$ 30
Feb 2008
Nashville TN
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Description of service

I bought a new cell phone from an online auction site. Well I decided to go with one of the big name wireless companies. Its a prepaid plan. But on the 1st of every month 30.00 is automatically added to my account. I pay a 1.99 per day and if I don't talk that day, I do not pay. Every call that I make during that day is only 5 cent, text messaging is only 5 cent per text too. I have unlimited mobile to mobile calling and unlimited night and weekend minutes.

Review of Service

I love the service. I have used prepaid phones for years, and this is the best plan I have ever had. I was able to keep minutes on my phone all month long and not have to refill throughout the month. They also give your certain plans that you can buy that gives you even more minutes for your money. I am on a tight budget, so to me this phone is a blessing. With most prepaid services, you have to get these phones that are not all that attractive but this company, you can have style and you save money.


When looking for a prepaid cell phone service, always read the fine print before you buy. You might be buying a certain amount of time, but it all depends on how much a minute it cost to make a phone call. Plus cheaper is not always better. Some companies out there will offer cheaper services, but the amount it cost to make a phone call is unreal.

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Oct 2010
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