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$ 2500
Jan 2007
Phoenix, AZ
One semester tuition for 12 or more university credits  more... close row
$ 14497
Jan 2008
Melbourne, FL
One semester of undergraduate classes  more... close row
$ 1563
Oct 2007
San Luis Obispo, California
Tuition for one quarter at public university  more... close row
$ 11000
Nov 2007
Spokane, WA
College; tuition covers whole course including books
Nine month vocational school program  more... close row
$ 8825
Jun 2008
Chicago, IL
12-16 hours of college credit/semester
One semester tuition and fees for private college  more... close row
$ 60000
Apr 2008
University, annual tuition
Tuition for a 16 Month Masters program  more... close row
$ 3000
Apr 2008
Gainesville, FL
In-state tuition for one semester  more... close row
$ 14000
Mar 2007
East Lansing, MI
One year of tuition, room and board  more... close row
$ 3700
Apr 2008
Augusta, GA
One semester at a four year college  more... close row

Description of service

Tuition for one semester to a four year college is approximately three thousand and seven hundred dollars. Some fee's that may be included in tuition is student activity fee's, paper and copying fees, computer lab fee's, science lab fee's, the use of any free tutoring services that the school may have to offer as well as a transportation fee if any bus or shuttle runs at the school that students have "free" access to. Some things that may not be included in tuition fee's include meal plans, parking decals, parking tickets, and automatic inclusion into sporting events.

Review of Service

Tuition may be costly but in the end when you receive the degree it is all worth while. One way to find out exactly will be covered in tuition fees would be to call the office of admission at the chosen school and ask about fee's they should be able to offer you something in writing that has the complete break down of fee's as well as how they will be used. They will also be able to tell you if the fee's have to be paid all at one time, or if there is a payment plan in place to help take care of any amount of money that can not be paid up front.


Before paying tution be sure to talk with someone if the financial aid department. They maybe able to tell you where to go to get assistance to pay tuition.