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the Price of Hospital Stays

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$ 1200
May 2007
New York City
3 days
Private room in upscale university-hospital  more... close row
$ 250
Apr 2006
Redwood City, CA
9 nights
HMO great provider for brain surgery  more... close row
$ 10027
Nov 2006
Redlands, CA
Three days/nights
Nurses great, doctors and prices not great  more... close row

Description of service

In November 2007, I was admitted to the hospital for complications with my pregnancy. The services included three days and nights observation (two of which being fetal monitoring as well), an induction of delivery, and the delivery of a healthy baby. The single most expensive at just over $4,000 was, of course, the delivery (non Cesarean) of my child. The two days and nights in labor (for the room) cost just over $1,700, and recovery was about $1,800. The final $800 was divided among things such as over-priced lanolin (14.00 for a .25oz sample size), motrin (a whopping 22.00 each), bags of pitocin and saline, and some other drugs I had no idea ever went into my IV.

Review of Service

The hospital staff was great. The L&D (labor and delivery) nurses were amazingly helpful, really great at alleviating the anxiety that comes with complications in pregnancy and dealing with the mortality of your unborn child. One of the L&D nurses actually nearly completely delivered my baby because the doctor didn't respond the first eighty times she called him. The recovery nurses were just as great. They came in when you needed them, and didn't make you feel like an idiot for not knowing exactly how to handle your brand new little person. Great for a nervous first time parent. The doctors were not as stellar as the nurses (except for one who really was awesome), and were very rarely seen. The one that delivered my child had terrible bedside manner, but was competent. The facilities were old and you had to share a bathroom in L&D ... not fun when you are going through that kind of pain. The hospital food was, as most hospital food is, pretty terrible (even after not eating for two days), but you had a menu and were able to choose whatever you wanted. You always think that you will get more for the outrageous cost of healthcare, but the staff generally helps soften the $10,000 blow.


Get some great health insurance and be sure to order your food out. Make sure you check your bill twice before you leave the hospital and ask what certain drugs are and when you were given them. I was almost charged an extra $200 for a narcotic that I declined. You can't really negotiate the price of a band-aid, but you can make sure they actually used that band-aid on you.

$ 38500
Jan 2008
Pulaski, VA
4 days
Great nurses made hospital stay even better  more... close row
$ 20000
Mar 2007
Cocoa Beach Florida
6 days
Stroke patient charged for services not received  more... close row
$ 11742
Dec 2007
new brunswick, nj
7 days
The above amount was charged by the hospital for a  more... close row
$ 25000
Apr 2006
Nashville, TN
two weeks
Scared but medical staff were helpful  more... close row
$ 2169
May 2006
Birmingham, AL
36 hours
Inpatient Allergy treatment trial   more... close row
$ 1750
Feb 2008
Gallatin, TN
7 days
Seven day hospital stay taught dad many things  more... close row
$ 7500
Mar 2008
battle creek
23 hour stay
Treated well although no insurance  more... close row
$ 6845
Nov 2006
Cherry Hill, NJ
3 days
Very poor care in hospital  more... close row
$ 4370
Dec 2007
Seattle ,WA
2 days
ER visit turned into overnight hospital stay  more... close row
$ 64000
Nov 2007
Springfield, Tennessee
4 days
Nurses were comforting in postpartum care  more... close row
$ 7000
Jan 2008
Sanford, Maine
2 days
Delivery and postnatal care  more... close row