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the Price of Hospital Stays

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$ 1200
May 2007
New York City
3 days
Private room in upscale university-hospital  more... close row
$ 250
Apr 2006
Redwood City, CA
9 nights
HMO great provider for brain surgery  more... close row
$ 10027
Nov 2006
Redlands, CA
Three days/nights
Nurses great, doctors and prices not great  more... close row
$ 38500
Jan 2008
Pulaski, VA
4 days
Great nurses made hospital stay even better  more... close row

Description of service

On the night of January 23, 2008, my 5 year old son and I were taking our dog for a walk. It had snowed a couple days earlier, and although the weather had warmed considerably, there were still several patches of snow and ice on the roads. I was trying to get out of the road onto the sidewalk so the dog could do his business, and stepped between two patches of snow. What I didn't see was the ice that covered the distance between the snow. I slipped and went down. I initially thought my ankle was broken because of the pressure and pain. When we got to the ER, the doctor thought it was just "stretched out" because there was no swelling or anything. However, the x-rays showed that my tibia and fibula were both broken quite badly. I was scheduled for surgery the next morning. I stayed in the hospital for 3 nights/4 days until I was stable enough to be released. I was given a very lovely suite that was about twice the size of my bedroom at home! The cost of the hospital stay included the ambulance ride, the surgery, all meds, food, and very lovely nurses.

Review of Service

If I had to break my leg and be laid up in the hospital, I couldn't think of a better one. Everyone there, from the x-ray technicians to the nurses and doctors to the maintenance people were just wonderfully nice. They were always there when I needed them. Even when the nurses had been there 18 hours or more, and I pushed the call button every 5 minutes, they always came with a smile. They were also very helpful in explaining everything and assisting with moving around and such. Also, they were very patient with my son, who can be a bit annoying with his constant whys. It was as good as I can imagine it.


Research hospitals in your area when you don't need them, so that when you do have an emergency, you don't have to choose one you know nothing about, only to realize when you're already checked in that it was the wrong decision!

$ 20000
Mar 2007
Cocoa Beach Florida
6 days
Stroke patient charged for services not received  more... close row
$ 11742
Dec 2007
new brunswick, nj
7 days
The above amount was charged by the hospital for a  more... close row
$ 25000
Apr 2006
Nashville, TN
two weeks
Scared but medical staff were helpful  more... close row
$ 2169
May 2006
Birmingham, AL
36 hours
Inpatient Allergy treatment trial   more... close row
$ 1750
Feb 2008
Gallatin, TN
7 days
Seven day hospital stay taught dad many things  more... close row
$ 7500
Mar 2008
battle creek
23 hour stay
Treated well although no insurance  more... close row
$ 6845
Nov 2006
Cherry Hill, NJ
3 days
Very poor care in hospital  more... close row
$ 4370
Dec 2007
Seattle ,WA
2 days
ER visit turned into overnight hospital stay  more... close row
$ 64000
Nov 2007
Springfield, Tennessee
4 days
Nurses were comforting in postpartum care  more... close row
$ 7000
Jan 2008
Sanford, Maine
2 days
Delivery and postnatal care  more... close row