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the Cost of Satellite Internet Access

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$ 60
Mar 2008
Austin, Texas
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Description of service

I use satellite internet services which is the equivalent of broadband or DSL. Where I am located, I have the choice of dial up or satellite. Satellite includes everything that dial up does but gives me pages that load much faster and access to the internet 24/7.

Review of Service

I used dial up for quite some time but found that as my locale grew and the telephone lines became overloaded with data, that satellite internet was going to be my only reasonable option. I love the quick loading pages, the 24/7 access, and helpful, quick customer service. I am on a plan where my monthly fee is deducted automatically from my bank account so there is no planning on my part to pay the bill, which I love. I have no trouble with outages due to inclement weather or surges.


Be an informed consumer. Determine all internet services available to you and obtain information from the provider. Ask questions! Make sure that you know about all the fees charged, and why they are charged to you. Ensure that your plan is unlimited, or you may get in trouble by going over your usage limit.

$ 60
Jun 2008
Jackson, Ohio
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$ 50
May 2008
monterey, CA
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$ 60
Dec 2007
carmel valley, ca
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$ 72
Mar 2008
Lake, MI
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$ 70
May 2008
Hurricane, WV
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$ 55
Mar 2008
New Edinburg, AR
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$ 0
Oct 2010
City, State
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$ 60
Jun 2008
Ocean Springs, Mississippi
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$ 48
Mar 2007
Mesa, Arizona
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$ 50
Jun 2008
Nashville TN
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