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the Cost of Satellite Internet Access

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$ 60
Mar 2008
Austin, Texas
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$ 50
May 2008
monterey, CA
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Description of service

I recently decided to utilize the service of satellite internet access and the total price I paid for the service was 50 dollars per month. For this price that I paid, I was provided with high speed satellite internet access to my home throughout the house. The money that I spent went towards the cost of the satellite dish to receive the internet, and the overall cost of the service. The service was performed the way that I was told it would turn out and the internet speed is the speed I was told it would be.

Review of Service

Overall, I greatly enjoyed this service. I felt that it was done very well and the service was excellent. I think that the internet was a great value for the price that I paid and I would definitely use the same provider again in the future. I would also definitely recommend this satellite internet service to anyone else who has a household with slow internet. The price was great, the process was easy, and the service was excellent in general.


I do have just a few tips for future customers who are considering this service. I do recommend that you try to find multiple companies or people who offer this service before you choose one. There is definitely a variation in price amongst the different providers and I found mine to be at such a reasonable price only because I took my time when searching for internet services.

$ 60
Dec 2007
carmel valley, ca
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$ 72
Mar 2008
Lake, MI
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$ 60
Jun 2008
Jackson, Ohio
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$ 70
May 2008
Hurricane, WV
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$ 55
Mar 2008
New Edinburg, AR
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$ 0
Oct 2010
City, State
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$ 60
Jun 2008
Ocean Springs, Mississippi
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$ 48
Mar 2007
Mesa, Arizona
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$ 50
Jun 2008
Nashville TN
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