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the Price of a Divorce Lawyer

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$ 1000
Mar 2008
Charlotte, N.C.
Reputable attorney came with recommendation  more... close row
$ 800
May 2008
Columbus, Ohio
Lawyer dealt with the ex and ex's lawyer  more... close row
$ 750
Apr 2008
Jonesboro, AR
Lawyer for fairly simple divorce  more... close row

Description of service

Basic divorce attorney services with the filing of the Divorce, Serving the papers, and hearing in front of a judge. This was for a fairly simple divorce with no children or real estate involved.

Review of Service

The divorce attorney I went to was a very reasonably priced attorney who did things as simply as possible. No children or real estate was involved, so this wasn't as complicated as most divorces. The attorney requested a $500 retainer, which she pulled her fees out of, and then when that ran out she sent a bill for the rest, most of which was the court cost of having the Divorce filed. The attorney met with me to discuss the divorce, made a list of all the belongings that needed split, drafted the divorce papers, filed them, had them served upon opposing counsel, and drafted the property settlement agreement. We had a hearing in front of a judge, and after that the divorce was final. I didn't trust the cheap, flat-rate attorneys in the yellow pages, so I contacted an attorney at a reputable firm in town. I think it was well worth the extra money to know that my divorce was being handled properly and there would be no surprises in the long run.


Call several law firms in the yellow pages to see what their rates are. Depending on the experience of the attorney, they will range from $125 to $200 or more per hour. More complex divorces with children, custody schedules, and real estate will cost more, as they take more time.

$ 7706
Feb 2007
Cherry Hill, NJ
Experienced divorce lawyer was needed  more... close row
$ 2000
Aug 2007
Syracuse, NY
Lawyer for overwhelming divorce  more... close row
$ 100
Sep 2007
cleveland, ohio
Cheap but good lawyer for divorce  more... close row
$ 150
May 2008
London, KY
Attorney to review divorce documents  more... close row
$ 800
Jun 2008
Springfield, MO
Flat fee for uncontested dissolution of marriage  more... close row
$ 1350
Nov 2006
Las Vegas,NV
Happy with the divorce being over  more... close row
$ 0
Oct 2010
City, State
PG7u7p <a href="http://xrogqrzovzam.com/">xrogqrzovzam</a&g  more... close row
$ 950
May 2006
Huntington, WVa
First time ever having to deal with a lawyer  more... close row
$ 3500
Mar 2006
Tampa, Florida
Find out if lawyer has payment plan  more... close row
$ 18500
Jan 2006
Divorce lawyer helped father get custody  more... close row