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the Cost of Hair Color with Highlights

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$ 100
May 2008
Tualatin, OR
Full weave plus 2 shades of highlights  more... close row
$ 75
Mar 2008
New Castle, PA
New hair style, cut, color and highlights in department store salon  more... close row
$ 190
Nov 2007
Virginia Beach, VA
Two process color, trim and style  more... close row
$ 180
Mar 2008
Fresno, CA
Overcharging for extra services  more... close row
$ 95
Mar 2008
Littleton Colorado
Overall Color and highlights with combo discount  more... close row
$ 55
Mar 2008
McComb, MS
Cut and color with color foil highlights  more... close row
$ 80
Mar 2007
Amarillo, TX
Husband reacted favorably to new hair color and style  more... close row

Description of service

This includes a hair wash, cut, style, and color. There wasn't a tip included in this as it was just normal price. The tip was an additional $5.

Review of Service

Overall the cost was a little too much, even though I really enjoyed my time at the stylist. The hair cut was something that I needed and it was a welcome change. I got to choose from a multitude of different styles, all of which looked like they would go with my face and hair color. The best part was getting to look through all of the potential styles and then asking for help in deciding which one might look the best. The stylist first colored my hair and then everything changed, but it was fun getting to relook how I looked after the color. The style then changed everything once again. I really enjoyed my husbands reaction after the trip to the salon.


If you don't like spending the time at the stylist, then consider getting a haircut style magazine before going into the salon. After you have decided which might look the best then get a second opinion, after that you can go to the stylist. The last thing to find out is if the stylist can give the haircut that you want.

$ 200
Mar 2007
Washington, D.C.
Color and highlights from salon owner  more... close row
$ 165
Apr 2008
New York, New York
Charged for styling plus color  more... close row
$ 95
Apr 2008
Phoenix, AZ
Hair color did not last but service good  more... close row
$ 150
Dec 2008
Warrington, pa
Highlights too subtle and color took too long  more... close row
$ 85
Oct 2007
Ashland, Ky
Asking for advice from professionals  more... close row
$ 110
Apr 2008
Omaha, Nebraska
Color of hair did not turn out well  more... close row
$ 160
Apr 2008
Las Vegas, NV
Good highlights with mediocre service  more... close row
$ 75
Jan 2008
Midland, MI
Covering white hair with dye and highlights  more... close row