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the Cost of Custom Signs

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$ 250
Mar 2008
Lansing, MI
Custom, non-fading vinyl sign  more... close row
$ 225
Feb 2008
Custom signs for cars and a plane  more... close row
$ 150
Jan 2008
Pt Angeles, Washington
Custom shingle sign for small store  more... close row
$ 50
Jan 2007
Houston, Texas
Good service but low quality materials  more... close row

Description of service

The service offered was custom printing and preparation of a sign. The sign I was needing to print I wanted inkjetted onto an acrylic or posterboard surface, one foot tall and four feet long in full color with a glossy surface for use during a public event.

Review of Service

The service that I got was excellent, the printed design came out just like it was in my image file in less than a week's time. However, the quality of the material used was somewhat substandard. I could have gone to a local supply shop and gotten the same posterboard, paper, and ink to make the sign. What I couldn't do that the shop accomplished was a seamless print on one of their large plotters.


If you feel confident with your printing skills, you could make your custom sign by yourself. Get good photo quality paper, a sound backing, and a paper cutter. Carefully cut your design into chucks exactly the size that your printer is capable of printing, then run out a copy of each individual section. With a steady hand and some precise cuts, you can put together your sign by yourself for less than a quarter of what you'll likely be charged for a full-size custom printing.

$ 495
Aug 2007
Phoenix, AZ
Two by three foot neon sign with unrealistic estimates  more... close row
$ 800
Apr 2008
Ft Lauderdale, FL
Custom signage for a new business  more... close row
$ 117
Feb 2008
Chicago, il
Turnaround time on project was great  more... close row
$ 170
Mar 2008
Monterey, California
Two-sided signs much better idea  more... close row
$ 600
Jan 2008
Lansing, Michigan
Self-assembly makes signs much cheaper  more... close row
$ 300
Jun 2007
San Diego, CA
Custom sign made for employer  more... close row
$ 24
Mar 2007
Memphis, Tennessee
Check samples of signs before buying  more... close row
$ 1100
Apr 2008
pittsburgh pa
Two custom signs plus installation  more... close row
$ 68
Jan 2008
Columbus, Ohio
Large sign to embarrass boss on birthday  more... close row
$ 100
Feb 2007
San Diego, CA
Custom sign took two tries to get right  more... close row
$ 185
Feb 2007
Monticello, AR
Slightly flimsy sign but still looks nice  more... close row
$ 97
Mar 2008
Port Angeles, WA
Weather resistant roadside sign  more... close row
$ 15
Apr 2007
Northeast Arkansas
Custom-made faux vanity license plates  more... close row
$ 129
Nov 2007
Bellingham, WA
Three by four foot folding sign is great advertising  more... close row