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$ 300
Nov 2007
Portage, MI
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$ 1500
Jul 2007
Scottsdale, AZ
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$ 200
Apr 2008
Pennsauken, New Jersey
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$ 70
Feb 2007
LA, California
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$ 150
Nov 2007
Troy, Michigan
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$ 150
Jan 2008
Claremont, CA
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$ 320
Dec 2007
East Lansing, Michigan
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Description of service

The service was retrieving many files from my hard drive after my laptop basically died. It was a very stressful time for me during final exams for law school. I went to the local small computer repair shop down the road for me. He charged an initial $60 fee to look at the computer and see what he could do. I got a call the next day that he could retrieve all of the files I needed and it would cost an additional $240, for a total of $300. He was very quick and was able to get all of the files back I needed within one more day. He even gave me a few flash drives for no additional charge upon which he put my files on. I tipped him $20 for a total price of $320 for the service.

Review of Service

I was very happy to get my files back during such a stressful time. It saved my semester of law school. Normally I don't think I would be happy about spending $300 just to get some files back that were originally mine anyway - especially when I only spent about $750 for the laptop to begin with. However, when I put things into perspective I was just very happy to get my files back and save the stress. If I didn't get them back it would have cost me much more than $300 in stress and hassle. The guy was polite and easy and great to work with.


My tip would be to go to somebody you have heard good things about and can trust. I trusted my guy and he did a good job. However, it would be easy for somebody in that situation to take advantage, so be careful!

$ 58
Jul 2006
La Crosse, WI
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$ 130
Mar 2008
Lady Lake, florida
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$ 800
Dec 2007
San Diego, CA
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