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the Price of Data Recovery Services

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$ 300
Nov 2007
Portage, MI
Transferring data from old to new harddrive  more... close row
$ 1500
Jul 2007
Scottsdale, AZ
Data recovery after virus infection  more... close row
$ 200
Apr 2008
Pennsauken, New Jersey
The extraction of hard drive information off a computer  more... close row

Description of service

The extraction of hard drive information off a computer with a failed boot sector zero. Aquired an external drive to hold ll the information recovered as part of the package. This price also covered the house all to come out and examine the computer before determining weather it needed some sort of advanced service. I was also given some pointers as to how to avoid such a tecnologiocal distaister again.

Review of Service

These people really know their computer programing and data recovry. What I like most in technological services are people who don't speak down to you or rattlke over my head. I'm not computer illerterate by any means but I'll admit I don't know som of these grat huge terms. It's why I appreciate someone who doesn't mind taing the time to explain things to me. They came out and looked at the computer and checked it beforee deciding I required a in house job. It took a day to recover my lost data and along with the price of the recovery I was given a 100 gig hrd driv to store my information until I was able to buy a new computer.


Always go with daa recovery you trust and understand. Remember these people will be viewing your privte information you have stored on your hard drive. and go with people that not only do you unerstan but seem to understand what you're doing. Nine times out of a ten you only get one shot at data retrivial and you can't afford to mess it up with an ameture.

$ 70
Feb 2007
LA, California
Multi-format data recovery  more... close row
$ 150
Nov 2007
Troy, Michigan
Data recovery from computer that died  more... close row
$ 150
Jan 2008
Claremont, CA
Backing up your hard drive saves recovery cost  more... close row
$ 320
Dec 2007
East Lansing, Michigan
File recovery saved law school student  more... close row
$ 58
Jul 2006
La Crosse, WI
Data recovery from laptop  more... close row
$ 130
Mar 2008
Lady Lake, florida
Data recovery and reformatting disk  more... close row
$ 800
Dec 2007
San Diego, CA
Hard drive recovery  more... close row