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the Price of Fiber Optic Bundled Services

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$ 220
Mar 2008
Marlton, NJ
Fiber optic internet access bundled with phone and cable  more... close row
$ 20
Dec 2007
Holbrook, New York
High Definition DVR box and premium channels  more... close row
$ 79
Feb 2007
Houston, TX
Cable television and internet service via fiberoptic  more... close row
$ 175
Apr 2008
Miami, FL
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$ 95
Dec 2007
Holbrook, New York
Monthly fee for Internet, television and telephone services  more... close row
$ 100
Jul 2008
Valrico, Florida
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$ 90
Jun 2008
Camarillo, CA
Monthly price for bundled services  more... close row
$ 120
Mar 2008
Marietta, Ohio
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$ 119
Jun 2008
Newark, Delaware
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Description of service

I pay $119 per month for fiber optic internet service, phone service, and television. I have the lowest speed (and cheapest) fiber optic internet that the company offers: 5 mbps download and 2 mbps upload. Higher speeds are available at a higher price. I got free installation for the service, which saved me a few hundred dollars, but I had to sign a contract agreeing to pay for the service for two years. I also got a free wireless router with the service, which is very nice. That's the company's policy: they only run a wire to one computer, but they provide you with a router for your other computers. The phone service comes with free long distance, call waiting and caller ID. The TV service included over 500 channels, On Demand, and two set top boxes.

Review of Service

The service is good, but I haven't really noticed much difference from the cable internet service I had. I can notice a slight faster connection, but it's very slight. I was hoping it would be much faster. One thing that is very frustrating is that the service tends to cut out at certain times, especially late at night. You just have to wait for a few minutes and hopefully it will come back on. A couple times, I've had to call customer service to have them reset the connection. The phone, again, is no different. The TV, however, is noticeably clearer than cable.


Make sure you really want the service before you sign a long-term contract. Unless you are willing to pay more for higher speeds, I don't see any reason to switch from cable internet to fiber optic. It's definitely worth switching if you have dial up. Also, they try to entice you with low rates for the first month or two, so make sure you ask what the normal rate is. Also, pay attention to what channels come with the new TV service. When I switched, I didn't realize I was going to lose a channel that shows a lot of local sports games.

$ 150
Mar 2008
Glen Burnie, Maryland
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