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$ 35
Mar 2008
Holbrook, New York
Half-hour deep tissue massage  more... close row
$ 60
Feb 2008
buffalo, ny
30 minute therapuetic massage  more... close row
$ 40
Feb 2008
Big Rapid, Michigan
30 minute back neck and shoulder massage  more... close row
$ 48
Jan 2008
Centennial, CO
Ten minute consultation to provide background and make requests  more... close row
$ 10
Apr 2008
Marietta, Ohio
Fund raiser by sports medicine department  more... close row
$ 50
Jan 2007
Amarillo, TX
Half hour massage  more... close row
$ 45
Feb 2008
Dartmouth, MA
Massage therapy for neck and shoulder pain  more... close row
$ 20
Feb 2008
Royal Palm Beach, FL
Massage was really chiropractor's sales pitch  more... close row
$ 35
Apr 2008
Bellingham, WA
30 minute massage focused on problem areas  more... close row
$ 48
Nov 2007
Gresham, Or.
Discount aromatherapy massage  more... close row

Description of service

Aromatherapy massage. The room had candles burning and soft relaxing music. The $40 does not include the price of a tip but even when I tipped $8 (20%) it is still cheaper then the normal (at least) $60 an hour!

Review of Service

This was a great massage. One time price of $40 to try all 12 of their massage therapists, then $60 an hour after that. Very nice, clean, and relaxing atmosphere. All different types of massages from sports injury massages to rock therapy to aromatherapy massages. After the massage they sent me away with bottle of water and samples of muscle rubs and rock salt as well as instructions on what to do over the next few hours and recommendations of their products. Very satisfied! As good as any spa massage I've gotten.


Ask your hairdresser if they know where to get a good cheap massage, they network all day long and know all the places to go. Many community coupon books have great coupons for massages! Also chiropractors often offer massages that may be covered by some INS. Chiropractors know all your pressure points so most give a great massage. Don't forget the massage schools in your area as well.

$ 35
May 2008
Tampa, FL
30 minute massage for leg injury  more... close row