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Mortgage Fees

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$ 3700
Mar 2008
Scottsdale, AZ
All closing fees for new home mortgage  more... close row
$ 2400
Apr 2008
Bellingham, WA
Closing cost, loan fees, and title cost  more... close row

Description of service

Closing cost, loan fees, and title cost on a 2008 home purchase. Full service closing, and insurance.

Review of Service

Execelent. We felt fully informed of all products involved in our loan and insurance purcase. All parties involved with those porduct worked hard and faithfully to insure that at all time our financial and leagl obligation were both covered and protected. Our Bank and assocatied parties worked hard to fit us with the loan products that best suitred our needs.


In the process of purchasing a home there are many pitfalls which can drain on the overall cost of the purchase. These are not necessarily attempts to rip you off, more so they are just simply things that can go over looked and ultimately lead to your home costing you more. Always be fully aware of what everything on your closing and balance sheets mean. You should fully research the loan products you are purchasing and be fully aware of their costs, benefits, and faults. Get multiple resources and offers to have a basis of comparison. And look realistically at any large amount being requested of you in the process. Also is good to know weather or not you bank intends to sell, or maintain your loan. This will give you a sense of where they intend to make their profit. Much like a car deal the best deal will always go to those who have a true sense of the value of what they are buying and are not afraid to ask for it. Also most title companies will happily give you a discount, is not much but a few hundred helps. Just tell them to "keep the cigars and pens, and just give me the best rate" when you go to closing at title.

$ 3150
Feb 2008
Mobile, Alabama
Refinancing requires signing name 100 times  more... close row
$ 2300
Sep 2006
Greenwood Village, CO
Always read before you sign  more... close row
$ 1108
May 2008
Jim Thorpe
Qualified buyers can ask for special favors sometimes  more... close row
$ 2000
Oct 2006
Columbus, OH
Many different fees for mortgage  more... close row
$ 3385
Jul 2006
San Jose, CA
One point loan fee for lender  more... close row
$ 300
Sep 2007
Orem, UT
Consolidating credit card debt  more... close row
$ 440
Mar 2007
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Mortgage offer from corporate bank  more... close row
$ 350
Jan 2008
Too many fees from mortgage broker  more... close row
$ 0
Jan 2006
Boiling Springs, SC
Home loan was free because of high credit score  more... close row