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the Cost of Hood Repair

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$ 240
Aug 2008
Denver, CO
Saturn SL
Center front hood
Tree falling caused a big dent in the hood  more... close row
$ 150
May 2009
Cleveland, Ohio
Acura 2.5 TL
Pop out multiple dents on hood  more... close row
$ 155
May 2009
Hampton, VA
Toyota Tacoma
Front of Hood
Chipped hood repaired and painted  more... close row

Description of service

My hood had become chipped from an aftermarket bug-deflector attached at the front. Two spots the size of a penny were completely through the paint and down to the bare metal.

General service required Taping off parts of the vehicle, and repainting the hood by a certified auto-body shop.

Review of Service

First, I had to make an appointment to show up with the truck. I called a local body-shop and was given an appointment the very next day. I simply drove to the place of business the next morning, and upon checking in, was asked to surrender my key and have a seat. There was TV and free coffee, a nice touch to a place like this.

I noticed a worker swiftly moved to where I had parked and pulled my truck around to the back, that was the last I saw of it before it was fixed honestly. I looked at my watch, noted the time.

I heard numerous things going on in the garage, there was no window, so no idea how long I would be sitting there. To my surprise, at exactly 45 minutes, I saw my truck being pulled out to where I had originally parked it. The worker parked, came inside, went behind the desk, sat down and printed me up an invoice. I paid immediately with a check.

I was given the option to go inspect the work, but could see out the front window that the damage was repaired, and the hood buffed shiny.

After I paid, I did go review their work before getting in. Everything looked as if I had just bought the same truck brand new again. Pleasing!

3 months have passed since this work was done and everything has held up wonderfully. I even discovered the buff job may have been a waxing as well, as my hood has been a little shinier than the rest of my truck since!


Definitely know what something like this should cost. If your situations damage varies or you simply have no idea, get a friend who may have had this type of service done in the past to accompany you to make an initial appointment.

Don't be foolish like I was and definitely inspect the work you paid to have done to make sure it's what you paid/asked for, and that it was done properly. If a whole hood was replaced, make sure the seams along the edges are evenly spaced from other body panels on the vehicle. Also, open and close the hood, making sure it functions just as the vehicle manufacturer intended.

$ 600
Oct 2008
Little Falls, NY
Honda Civic
Hood repaired after deer collision  more... close row
$ 1200
Jan 2008
Newton, Ks
Chevy Blazer
Hood just peeled back in parking lot accident  more... close row
$ 800
Jan 2009
bedford, tx
Honda Fit
Repair of severely dented hood  more... close row