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the Cost of Funeral Homes

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$ 5000
Mar 2008
Klamath Falls Or
Funeral home services and advice  more... close row
$ 3000
May 2006
Phoenix, AZ
Package deal for funeral needs  more... close row
$ 11000
Mar 2008
Hollywood Hills, CA
Weekday funerals more affordable  more... close row
$ 4500
May 2008
Pine Bluff, AR
Everything included except obituary, plot, headstone, and clergy  more... close row
$ 9300
Feb 2008
Plainview, New York
Make funeral preparations in advance  more... close row
$ 7125
Jan 2008
Eden Prairi, MN
Very helpful staff at funeral home  more... close row
$ 1900
Aug 2006
Gadsen, AL
Creamation and memorial service  more... close row
$ 6500
Feb 2008
Southbridge MA
Funeral home had curt attitude  more... close row
$ 0
Oct 2010
City, State
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$ 0
Oct 2010
City, State
XuktaE <a href="http://uaialbgjcnpc.com/">uaialbgjcnpc</a&g  more... close row
$ 6150
Jan 2008
Athens ohio
Full service viewing and funeral  more... close row
$ 9800
Feb 2008
Plainview, Long Island, NY
Wake, Catholic funeral, and burial costs  more... close row

Description of service

This is the cost of a wake, Catholic funeral, and burial. It included a one-day wake - with two two hour viewings, the embalming and the necessary cosmetic and hair styling work. The casket, prayer cards, thank you cards, and register were also incuded in that price. This fee also covered the entire funeral: the hearse, transportation to the church, pallbearers, organist, singer, and priest, and transfer to the cemetary. This also covered opening the grave, and engraving on the existing tombstone the name of the deceased. There also was a graveside service that was included in the price. We did not have to pay for the grave as we already had the deed to one, so this price did not include the actual gravesite or tombstone.

Review of Service

Considering the circumstances we were very pleased with the service we received. The funeral director and his assistant were available to us at all times and made our burden a little lighter by handling phone calls, giving directions, and offering us any assistance we needed during the wake and funeral. The funeral home allowed us to sign over a life insurance policy so that we did not have to lay out the cash immediately.


A wake and funeral are far more expensive than most people realize. Be aware that there are numerous additional charges. In New York, there are several "extras", fees that frankly I'm still not sure what they were for. Do not be taken aback by the lengthy sheet of paper where they figure out all of your costs. It almost looks like you are buying a new car! In addition, be prepared to make a lot of decisiona about things like prayer cards, readings for the church (depending on your religion), musical selections, and the like. It can be quite overwhelming. As morbid as it sounds, if you can make advance arrangements before the person passes, it makes things a lot easier.