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$ 300
Sep 2007
Portland, ME
Jack Russell Terrier
Until now, aggression therapies have focused on the pathology of  more... close row

Description of service

Until now, aggression therapies have focused on the pathology of aggressive behavior. The premise is, that if the dog is exposed to a certain trigger, the response is always the same: trigger > attack. In this model, the behavior is involuntary, in short, the dog cannot help it.

The Constructional approach maintains that aggression is a learned behavior and it is persistent because it has worked in the past. In other words, if you have a dog that is fearful of other dogs and the dog has discovered that acting aggressively makes other dogs go away, that aggressive behavior becomes very reinforcing. The dog learns that aggressive behavior pays off. So, what would happen if the aggressive behavior didn't pay off?

Since the function of most aggression is to achieve distance from the icky thing (other dogs, humans, skateboards), if you can manipulate the consequences (the icky thing DOESN'T go away when the dog aggresses) then the dog will start to experiment with which behaviors actually will make the icky thing go away.

Initially, the behaviors may be very small; a sideways glance, blinking the eyes, or a head turn. The dog learns that those behaviors WILL make the icky thing go away. As a treatment progresses the dog begins to feel more comfortable, he will offer more and more alternative behaviors, building a repertoire that is more social, friendlier. The end goal for all types of aggression using these techniques is total interaction not just tolerance.

Review of Service

This service was amazing. My dog was very agressive towards other female dogs, but after going to many classes and many hours of training, she's much much better. I would recommend agression training for any dog.


It's essential that the dog trainer you select uses humane training techniques that encourage appropriate behavior through such positive reinforcement as food, attention, play, or praise. Look for a trainer who ignores undesirable responses or withholds rewards until the dog behaves appropriately. Training techniques should never involve yelling, choking, shaking the scruff, tugging on the leash, alpha rolling (forcing the dog onto his back), or other actions that frighten or inflict pain.

$ 500
May 2006
Alexandria, Virginia
Boston Terrier
Dog trainer to improve behavior  more... close row
$ 800
Feb 2008
middleboro, ma
German Shepherd
Complete training for my three year old german shepherd  more... close row
$ 350
Mar 2008
Richlandtown, PA
Eight weeks of one-on-one training with behaviorist  more... close row
$ 25
May 2006
Portland, Oregon
Mixed Breed
Training for dog and owner  more... close row
$ 98
Apr 2007
Tucson, Az
Chow/Mastiff Mix
Trainer was difficult to work with  more... close row
$ 180
Sep 2007
Indianapolis, IN
Shepherd mix
Basic command training for dog  more... close row
$ 465
Jan 2008
Phoenix, Arizona
Six weeks of private dog training  more... close row
$ 115
Oct 2008
Ocala, Florida
Yorkshire Terrier
Group dog training class was good value for the money  more... close row
$ 500
Sep 2007
Lancaster, AL
Golden Retriever
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$ 99
Jul 2007
Chula Vista, CA
Labrador Retriever
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$ 50
May 2007
Haddam CT
Pit Bull Lab Cross
One hour of in-home dog training  more... close row
$ 40
Oct 2007
coudersport, PA
German Shepherd
Six weeks clicker training for a dog  more... close row